TIPS for the NEW, 2014 TOP TEN STEPS TO FAST QUIT SMOKING tobacco & nicotine


Tip 1: Begin with Step 1 

All journeys, all climbings start with the first step. The first step of the NEW, 2014 TOP TEN STEPS TO FAST QUIT t&n establishes the ambitious target of the whole plan: to give up smoking and quit the nicotine addiction for ever, stopping both tobacco and nicotine for the same length of time. If you miss Step 1, you miss also the purpose of the entire plan and without this target to achieve, there is no real quitting. Besides losing Step 1, the 10th Step of this NEW, 2014 plan is also lost and there is no more natural smoking freedom to obtain in the end. Anything less or different from Step 1 is incompatible with this plan and with success and it’s not good enough for you if you really want to quit smoking, once and for ever. 

NEW,2014 Top 10 Steps tp Fast Quit Smoking Tobacco and Nicotine

Tip 2: Steps 2 to 9 in any order 

Most quitters follow step by step, from Step 2 to Step 9 the quitting plan and tick the steps as they are completed in order to not miss any. The sequence of these middle steps can be changed and adapted to needs and possibilities, the way you like and consider more suitable for you. There are successful quitters who have chosen to start at the same time more steps – in some cases all steps – and work at all of them, aiming to finish (all of) them at the same time, in stead of one by one. Any combination, any order works for the middle steps, as long as each of them is done as well and as attentively and completely as possible and none of them is forgotten.  

Tip 3: All 10 steps or no freedom 

The NEW, 2014 TOP 10 STEPS TO STOP SMOKING FAST were designed to lead quitters to t&n freedom after a minimum number of steps and with a minimum of absolutely necessary effort. When you are looking for results, when you aim to give up smoking, you can never afford to go below the minimum required.

Climbing only some of these steps – even if most of them, but not ALL 10 of them – is not sufficient and it does not guarantee the success. Instead, if you haven’t climbed ALL 10, you can be sure that you are missing something important that may prevent you from winning against your t&n addiction and stop smoking for good.



New, 2014 TOP 10 STEPS TO FAST QUIT tobacco & nicotine

Think to stop smoking? Climb the top 10 steps to fast quit tobacco and nicotine and you’ll never come back to the stinking habit.QUIT TOBACCO AND WIN Smoking, using tobacco and nicotine under any form is a very catchy, life long addiction that was encouraged and insistentely advertised all over the world during the XX th century. 


That century is already history. Things have changed since, knowledge and information are available and easy to access as it was never dreamt before. It is up to us to use well all the knowledge and info offered including by the top best reasons to quit smoking and by all the other pages of this site for a personal and general healthier, better, richer and longer life.

Step 1 : Set target

From the beginning it is crucial to establish honestly what do you want to get.

QUIT ADDICTION to tobacco and nicotine TARGETSmoking tobacco is the expression of a very strong drug addiction. When you, as a smoker grab your cigarette, you do it because – among others – your addiction screams for the drug called nicotine. This drug exists in all tobacco products and also in the electronic cig. Nicotine starts building the addiction with the very first inhalation from the first cigarette and strengthens the drug dependence with every smoke. If you think to get rid of the ironically named “benefits” of this addiction and stop smoking for good, your target is to fast quit tobacco & nicotine for ever. And therefore to fast quit the nicotine addiction.

Bonus target: It is reasonable to aim to a minimum – tending to zero – trouble of the quitting tobacco and nicotine process. Bonus tip: Mind steps 3, 4, 7 and 9 for an easy, smooth quitting.

Step 2 : Do it on the spot.

When you decide to quit, and you want it fast, do not postpone for tomorrow, for next week or for after finishing the current pack.

2 quit smoking right nowThere is no better moment to quit smoking than NOW. ON THE SPOT. If you let the moment pass, you just allow nicotine to become even more powerful than it already is. An average of 7 smokers from 10 all over the world declare that they intend to stop smoking in the future. When asked to be more specific about the time, most of them say that they are waiting for a good moment. What they do not know is that nicotine will always take care to not permit such a good moment.Quitting is not to be left upon the addiction’s good will.

Step 3 : Write (about) it.

Take your good and wise decision to stop tobacco and nicotine and write it down…everywhere. STEP 3  WRITEE-mail or SMS your decision to all the people you know, smokers and never smokers, asking them – for instance – to support your decision as efficiently as they can. Blog it. Write about it on forums. Put it on your computer screen with a selfie, date and hour. Note it on a piece of paper – or on many – placing each in one pocket. Dedicate an article to your great decision to fast quit, write a poem, maybe a song, paint something, make a video, put it on Yotube. Maybe it would be great to link this third step with the step no 8 - about getting extensive info regarding quitting t&n -  anticipating a little and paying some visits to reddit, the front page of the internet where many quitters and ex-smokers meet.  This combination of personal and public approach is meant to strengthen your commitment, to help you be really successful for good and for ever and last but not least, to make the others aware of your decision.


Step 4 : Trust yourself but do not be overconfident.

4 trust yourself

Smoking tobacco and nicotine is an artificial habit, even if many smokers wrongly consider it as their natural right. There are very many ex-smokers who have successfully quitted tobacco & nicotine for ever and so will you. All you have to do is to take into account certain important details that make the difference between failure and success. For instance the first 3 weeks without t&n are crucial. The nicotinic addiction generates cravings that dictate quitters to smoke. Cravings are only few minutes long but they come repeatedly and quitters need to be aware of that and ready to react properly, offering themselves THE BESTS wise alternatives to the drug. (see step 7). After the first 3 weeks free of t&n the quitter is entitled to an ex-smoker position bringing a real, life-long freedom from the nicotinic addiction. Very many people ignore that smoking just a small part of a cigarette – not a complete one – any time during the quitting process or later on, cancells the quitting and pushes the quitter back to his previous smoker status, reactivating his addiction to nicotine and making this dependence stronger than ever before. There are always people willing to help quitters escape their vice and there are also people among all quitters’ relatives, friends, mates, neighbors or acquaintances who love smoking and prefer smokers. That’s the world we live in, where quitting can be a challenge and successful quitting for ever, a very sweet victory.


Step 5 : List all your best reasons to quit.

When you make up your mind to quit, you want to do it, no doubt about it. But your mind and your will to change routines and quit an addictive drug and a bad habit are not equal with themselves all the time. 5 personal reasons quitting t&n LISTYour good hours of the day never resemble the poor ones. There is huge difference between the time when you feel fresh, attentive, full of energy and completely aware and the time when you are tired, bored, weak or a little bit confused. In these latest moments your quitting decision needs urgent reinforcement. Reminding yourself all your reasons to quit t&n, having your reasons at hand and revising/updating them whenever necessary helps to keep away the drug much more than you can imagine, blocking cravings and weakening the temptation. Take your time and complete your personal LIST of your personal top best reasons to quit t&n. Update this personal LIST of yours, as often as needed, being aware that your will and your mind are still interfered and partly controlled by the very drug you want to quit. Your personal LIST is your faithful ally and a valuable friend you can trust every day and every moment.

Step 6 : Remove the temptation.

This will help you forget cigarettes, smoking, t&n while not thinking so often to something you don’t want anymore in your life. 6 clean upIt is also a very useful step till you manage to work your solid and extensive motivation of your quitting decision and have a very good LIST of YOUR personal reasons to stop t&n. Besides getting rid of all those things that remind you about the stinking habit it is wise to remove also your scheduled meetings with smokers until you become able to invite them convincingly to not smoke in your presence and in your proximity.

Step 7 : Offer yourself lots of alternatives, your BESTS

Your nicotine addiction does not give you choices, but you can allow yourself lots of alternatives that - unlike tobacco and nicotine - do not harm and offer a higher quality of relive, relaxation and satisfaction. Actually for each residual thought about the cigarette you used to smoke before quitting and for each craving moment, you should give yourself at least 4-5 alternatives, combining as many as needed, as often as nicotine sugests/orders you to give up your quitting decision. BESTS is the acronym for the best, fastest and most efficient alternatives instead of smoking– according to quit t&n specialists and also according to many successful quitters:

B from BREATH. breath6 -12 deep, long breaths replace successfully a cigarette, clear the mind and calm down anxiety for 9 of 10 ex-smokers.

E from EAT. quit smoking & beat cravings eating fruitAlmonds, pistachios, nuts, any other dry fruit or seeds – no added salt or sugar, to not create new health troubles – (pieces of) fresh fruit &/or vegetables mixed according to their source or to your talent and inspiration to create the exquisite taste you enjoy.

S from SPORT. sport instead of cravingsFew minutes of physical exercise tailored for each moment of the day, circumstance and place, working from fingers and toes ( 4 min at least) to the whole body with all its muscles and joints – when and where possible – changes the mood and makes you alert.

T from THINK. THINKThink why do you need a fast quit. Think to your personal LIST of your personal top best reasons to quit t&n, have a look at it for refreshing your memories. Then think to the phisical and moral pain and suffering caused by a heart attack or by a paraplegia that nicotine too often brings to smokers, think to the horrible cancers brought by tobacco and tell yourself – again – about all the advantages of your wise decision to fast quit t&n.

S from SIPS. SIPS to beat t&n cravingsIt is about sips of water, with or without lemon, honey, etc.(It is notorious – among specialists – that nicotine blocks the thirst reflex and smokers’ intake of healthy liquids hardly overcomes 50% of their needs.) It is also about sips of tea – hot, with cream, with ice, according to tastes, weather, latitude. From green tea, cinnamon tea, orange tea, lime tea or aloe vera blossom tea to the most exotic and interesting teas, with the most bitter-intriguing taste you can find. Last but not least it is about sips of freshly squeezed fruit juice, all these meant to hydrate correctly and sufficiently a deprived and intoxicated body.

Step 8: Get extensive infoget info about quitting tobacco and nicotine

It is wise and useful to search and find out as much as possible about smoking and its huge costs – paid with health troubles, environmental and social negative impact and also paid with money – about tobacco and nicotine, one of the most addictive drugs available legally almost everywhere on our planet and about their incredible history of public, official advocacy in favor of smoking. The info about quitting and returning to normality, about smokers and nonsmokers as motivated communities, about the personal and collective experiences of giving up an unwanted habit increase your chances to be successful from the beginning. Choose credible, well documented sources for your info and keep in mind that there are still mega interests in promoting the use of t&n (together or separately) all over the world, besides the international movement against tobacco and nicotine.

Step 9 : Identify additional helpADDITIONAL HELP for quitters

The additional help is meant to cover all the gaps that might appear and could block your success. Many smokers, especially those who want to prevent from the beginning any failed attempt, chose to be assisted by professionals specialized in helping quitters give up their vice for good. There are very many sources of additional help for all possible needs of the t&n quitters. These sources are not only on the net but also nearby the place where you live. After identifying them it is better to check them ASAP to see precisely how they can help you, what supplementary competences do they have, what program and contact options do they offer. As far as identified, be ready to use the additional help whenever it seems necessary in order to secure your victory. No matter the amount of this extra help used, the success and the freedom from t&n will be totally yours.

Step 10 : Enjoy your natural freedom breaking the nicotine shield.

These top 10 steps to fast quit t&n will make you successful as they’ve made others before you. TOP 10 STEPS TO QUIT SMOKING t&nThere is no difference if you are a first time quitter or if you have a long history of quitting attempts, if your addiction is 99 points strong and controlls you 99% or your dependence is mild and easier to beat.

You’ve seriously decided to win against your smoking addiction (step 1). You’ve got informed about what successful quitting is about (steps 1, 3, 7, 9) and who is your real enemy ( steps 5 & 8).You’ve been suggested a strategy and many tips to quit fast and easy (steps 2, 4, 6, 7). Step by step you were well prepared with the proper weapons to beat the dependence and you were led to the very core of the nicotine addiction. From that central point the nicotine shield of false superiority, self sufficiency and careless – shield built by the drug around all smokers in order to control them and keep them dependent – can be easily aimed and broken into pieces. All you have to do is to use consistently all your weapons and all quitter’s true friends to let behind a useless and nonsensical past addiction and enjoy your victory and your natural freedom.

 top 10 steps to fast quit smoking lead to success













TOP BEST PRESENT FOR QUITTERS AND FOR SMOKERSAll the TOP BEST REASONS TO QUIT SMOKING agreed again (veeeery modestly…) that they were, they are and they will always be the very top best present for quitters and for smokers all over the world, no matter if it is about beginners who quit smoking for the first time or it’s about well experienced quitters who have already stopped and started again, God knows how many times. Continue reading

275 Days After Quitting Tobacco and Nicotine.

 Quitting Mistakes To Avoid (1)

First of all, congratulations! It is a big quitting victory and the gold medal is yours, with all our admiration and respect.


 We think you deserve all smokers’, ex-smokers’ and never-smokers’ admiration for your decision to quit tobacco and nicotine for ever – this time – in spite of your big fear to gain weight or meet other unbearable health troubles, and in spite of your lack of selfconfidence after having tried unsuccessfully so many times before.

You have worked daily, minute by minute your victory, you stood up firmly for your decision. Nicotine and the so called “friends” could not lure you anymore. You did not repeat the old quitting mistakes – only that and it would be sufficient to gain everyone’s respect – you allowed us to help you prevent new quitting errors, and the outcome is brilliant: free of tobacco and nicotine for 275 days with no quitting regrets after so many years of smoking, plus the perspective to never, ever allow to be controlled and manipulated by tobacco and nicotine, nor by any other addictive drug.medal to celebrate quitting tobacco and nicotine


As you could see, it would have been a huge quitting mistake to follow all the same quitting steps in the same sequence as you did on your previous, unsuccessful attempts. Quitting is a personal experience, not a general one. Each smoker is unique, each one having his or her own quitting top best reasons and needs in order to become tobacco and nicotine free for ever. To think that’s enough to just copy other quitters’ approach (without adapting, completing, personalizing your own experience) and become a successful non smoker is just an ordinary quitting mistake.

You were extremely surprised when you were advised to not schedule any days off – this time- for initiating the quitting process.

The <days off> method did not work for you before. In your case it would have been just one more quitting mistake to repeat. Your choice was to avoid it. Congrats for that! Focusing some special days only on giving up the stinking habit , eliminating daily labor and current activities inside and outside the house during those special days seem to work only for about 30% of successful quitters– as a part of the famous “cold turkey” or not necessarily related.

You needed to stay away from cigarettes as a usual behavior, all time long: at home, at work, in and out, day and night, alone and surrounded by others, not as something special for the days off.

That is why, in stead of a useless – from the point of view of a successful quitting – short holiday, you were invited to read and document well your quitting decision and, after many years and many previous holidays with tobacco and nicotine, to change and early book a 5 stars free of smoking elegant cruise around the marvelos places you’ve always wanted to descover. You were astonished to see how great things can be done with the money you have chosen to save from being burnt. BETTER TOBACCO FREE CRUISING THAN SMOKING


We noticed very little enthusiasm on your face – and voice – ( “ I did not like school and I thought I finished with it some time ago…” ) about writing down your PERSONAL QUITTING LIST with your personal top best reasons for quitting tobacco and nicotine, but since being shown how to and since doing it, you had uncountable ocasions to see how necessary and useful it was. You needed to have THE LIST under your eyes just for a look, to refresh some details from time to time or to read it completely several times a day, almost every day. During the whole process of quitting you used to add better and more detailed explanations to the initial quitting motives in order to make them crystal clear and even more relevant for you than before, in the beginning, when you had discovered and named them. Besides you used to enrich your LIST with new quitting reasons whenever you detected new ones that could easily aply to you, too, thus getting a more and more complete and reliable backup for your decision.LIST OF TOP BEST REASONS TO QUIT TOBACCO AND NICOTINE


After so good and passionate work to have an updated LIST, it would have been a huge mistake to forget about it and about the top best reasons for doing what you wisely had decided to do. Few seconds of self forgetfulness might have given nicotine the occasion to gain – again – and might have transformed all the work into smoke.

In order to prevent that, you had several copies of your up to date QUITTING LIST always at hand and in sight: in the smartphone, on the desktop and also nearby the screen of your computer, on both sides of all doors, a magnified one near the TV, a colorful one in the bathroom, on the right side of the mirror and some minimised copies inside the car and inside the pockets of the jeens, of the jaket and of your favorite bag. paper and virtual quitting lists against nicotine and tobacco


A decision to quit smoking for good WITHOUT a rock solid motivation, detailed in your PERSONAL QUITTING LIST of YOUR TOP BEST REASONS TO QUIT TOBACCO AND NICOTINE it would have been a beginner’s mistake that you successfully avoided.

We listened carefully to your story about your electronic cigarette – that had come to you as a birthday present meant to help your endeavor to quit smoking, that was lost 2 weeks after starting to use it and was immediately replaced by a pack of the well known slims newly bought, almost in panic of remaining without something to smoke, as if that would have been a catastrophy to prevent…(!?)

We surprised you explaining that e-cigs are not at all quitting instruments. Quitting tobacco and nicotine is meant to cut the chain of addiction and not to bring it to another level, replacing the paper wraped addictive cigarette -or cigar- with the plastic/ceramic addictive e-cig. The addiction itself is created and maintained by the very powerful drug called nicotine. All e-cigs contain nicotine. If it weren’t nicotine in the common cigarettes, it would not exist tobacco addiction and almost no one would accept to burn garbage into their mouth and inhale the smoke into the chest every day for a life time; also if it weren’t about nicotine, quitting tobacco for ever would be piece of cake for all smokers all over the world.




The very fact that after 2 weeks of e-cig you looked eagerly for your previous tobacco slims, points to other quitting mistakes you successfully managed to avoid:

1)very often smokers – and not only – ignore their dependance and consider smoking just a… habit, while in fact it’s a strong drug=nicotine addiction;

2)the process of quitting is taken as anything else but what it really is: the cutting of a deeply rooted addiction that controlls the brain, the behavior and the every day life of the smokers;

3)nicotine, the enemy of all quitters who want to stay for ever free of the drug and of their addiction is too little known and insuficiently understood by smokers and quitters and, therefore very difficult to beat.


To be continued





 calendar of events

About the idea of quitting tobacco and nicotine once and forever

If you, dear smoker wonder what’s the best moment to quit smoking, to quit tobacco and nicotine – or any other addictive drug or harmful habit – well, that moment coincides with the very first moment of detecting the thought/idea of quitting in your mind.

As far as the smoker thinks to quit, that is the best moment for action. No matter if the smoker was asked to quit by others, or he came to the conclusion of a necessary change of his every day smell – and look – no matter if he was inspired by a smoker’s friend heart attack or by the newly detected lung cancer of his long-time-coughing job mate, the idea of quitting tobacco and nicotine and becoming free of the addiction for ever is an excellent idea. Such an excellent idea needs to be put into practice as soon as it arises, without any delay.

Some times the smoker has not the slightest clue where did the idea to quit smoking come from. Was it a lecture, some friends, this site or many others ? Or maybe he just got up in the morning with it…SMOKER'S GUARDIAN ANGEL[Some could say that maybe it’s the smoker’s Guardian Angel who tries by all means to remind the –still- smoker that he, the smoker has a mission to accomplish on Earth, he was born to do something more with his life and smoking will not let him time to fulfill that mission. Some others might say that ideas appear always with a reason. Even if you do not know exactly how and why does it happen, it is always your responsibility to identify the excellent ideas, to follow them and to act properly to make them work for you and become reality ].

While doing that, while quitting smoking and not allowing tobacco and nicotine to be in charge of your life anymore, that excellent idea can be easily tested for its… excellency.

It is always possible to test the value of an idea balancing the advantagesQUIT SMOKING IS ADVANTAGEOUS and disadvantages it can bring when the idea is put into practice. In order to have a reliable evaluation it is useful to complete with as many details as possible the info you might have about smoking.

It is well known and largely admitted that 90% of the smokers do not know the precise effects of smoking. Moreover, they don’t know and they ignore that they do not know. If they are asked, they say they know, but if they have to detail, explain or give examples, they are not able to. That is why the simple fact of getting extensively informed about smoking is able to make the smoker, quitter or not yet, to suddenly quit and not want to see, smell or hear about tobacco or about permitting to be lied and manipulated by nicotine. Pertinent and complete INFORMATION is sufficient, in 8 of 10 cases to motivate the smokers to quit and never come back to their habit.

Nevertheless there are two major obstacles that prevent the information about the disastrous effects of smoking to reach those who mostly need it. Even if the info is public and lots of programs – involving lots of money – try to spread it all over the WORLDS ( both material world and virtual one ) if the information is not correctly and completely understood – because of lack of specific, previous health education, for instance – or if the information is rejected (by the nicotine shield that insulates the smoker from nature, from common sense, from reasonable decisions and behavior, for example) it simply means that there is still very much to do in this field.THERE IS NO TIME TO SMOKE

Returning to the evaluation of the excellent idea of quitting tobacco and nicotine and hoping that somehow the evaluation will be able to cleave at least, if not break shields of nicotine and walls of ignorance, let’s see some of the advantages of quitting once and forever:

  • it increases self esteem;

  • it proves the smoker himself and the whole world that he is able to start, lead and successfully finish his QUIT SMOKING project;

  • it gives back freedom to the ex-smoker who escapes the every-moment-control of the very powerful and addictive nicotine;

  • it allows healing and natural regeneration to restart as soon as the aggression of tobacco and nicotine is stopped;

  • it reverses intoxication

  • it keeps away an impressive amount of supplementary HEALTH problems;

  • it slows down the accelerated process of ageing that affects all smokers

  • it opens ways towards the non smoking people and the non smoking world;

  • it saves money;

  • it recuperates breath and an ashes free look of the skin, teeth and hair;

  • it stops blames, reproaches and avoidance of the non smokers;

  • it suspends the free, everyday smoking publicity made in favor of tobacco and nicotine by the smoker himself;


Let’s see now some disadvantages of quitting tobacco and nicotine forever:

- nervousness, anxiety during the first quitting days (besides the quit smoking motivation list and the extensive information about this addiction, besides the replacement/compensation behavior and activities, besides the competent quit smoking advice, available in so many ways and places, there exists specific and efficient medication that can prevent from the beginning any unpleasant quitting related reaction, as well as any other health troubles, depression included.)

- normal hunger and thirst that might seem exaggerated in comparison with the smoker’s nicotine-inhibited hunger and thirst;

-gain weight that can be easily prevented taking into account that water has no calories and before eating will always reduce the food intake and considering that the applied nutritional basic education breaks on the spot the myth of gaining weight after quitting.

-smoking cravings that can be postponed – sine die – by the quitter and substituted in a large variety of ways (with sips of pure water, goodie treats, fresh fruit, SPORTS ARE BETTER THAN SMOKINGsports, games, new, interesting, indoor and outdoor activities, walks in the open, etc.

All the so called disadvantages can be prevented without much – or with reasonable - effort from becoming problems for the quitter.

As advantages of quitting prevail, not only in number, but also in quality and life impact, as the idea of quitting tobacco and nicotine once and forever proves to be a really excellent idea, all you have to do is to follow it and transform it into an every day and every moment smoking free reality.

Best moment to quit smoking?

Right now.





quit fast

Quitting can be easy.

Quitting tobacco can be fast and forever. The top best reasons to stop smoking are used for :

  1.  quitting without regrets and without second thoughts.
  2.  strengthening and documenting the initial decision of the quitter to become tobacco-free and nicotine-free.
  3.  quitting once and forever, reducing towards zero the probability for relapses.
  4.  refreshing the reasons that sustain quitting during the process of giving up smoking.
  5.  overcoming all withdrawal troubles.
  6.  transforming quitting into a useful and enjoyable experience, without great efforts and without unpleasant moments.
  7.  keeping a strong and vivid commitment to the decision to not smoke anymore.
  8.  remaining free of tobacco and free of nicotine for the rest of the ex-smoker’s life.


Whenever we take a well thought decision there are good reasons behind it. The more reasons, positive and negative – positive reasons=the decision brings benefits; negative reasons=the decision helps to avoid troubles – we gather in favor of our decision, the easier is going to be to put it into practice. The more top best reasons we put together, the bigger and faster the success.

Tobacco smokers, like all drug addicts who think to give up their drug have their reasons for that, but usually most of them are not 100% in favor of quitting. The lack of information or the incomplete info, the adherence to the own habit itself that intermingles many (if not all) daily routines, the continuous smoking example of other passionate smokers, plus the addiction itself are few of the elements responsible for the incomplete implication of the quitters in their own quitting process.

The top best reasons to quit smoking offer the smokers the missing information to fill the gaps, explain the mechanisms and the results of tobacco addiction, the immediate, short and long term effects in such an efficient way that makes a huge difference for those who think stopping tobacco, motivating them for their quitting attempts.determination to quit smoking

This info changes perspectives not only regarding tobacco but also regarding some essential elements for the quitting process. It is about the habit of smoking, about the public example of practicing the tobacco vice and, last but not least about the nicotine addiction and the condition of the addicted smoker who can transform himself from a victim of the nicotine shield – shield that interferes many of his intellectual and emotional perceptions and his ability to take the best decision, making the victim unwilling and not interested to find out more about smoking, about what’s behind it and what’s to be expected as a result of this habit – into a well informed and totally motivated ex-smoker, committed to stay for ever away from tobacco and nicotine.

Some smokers just read, see the movies linked from the top best reasons to quit smoking, understand and refuse the tobacco slavery, dropping the habit fast and without any regrets. Some others are so disgusted that they do not want to be involved anymore and in any way in the huge manipulation process fueled by the tobacco industry and they stop smoking on the spot, very determined to stay free of tobacco and free of nicotine for the rest of their lives.

Even if there is a sudden quitting after getting informed and properly motivated or it requires some time for digesting the information, sharing, debating and meditating upon it, the result is always in favor of the quitter.

The informed and motivated smokers, willing to give up tobacco are ready to face and win against all the possible withdrawal troubles. They have found out while reading the top best reasons to quit that in some cases quitting might need qualified, specialized support in order to be successful. Quitters are encouraged to identify very early all the available and affordable resources of external support and use some or all of them as far as they need for having an easy quitting, without unpleasant moments.

The top best reasons to stop tobacco motivate the smokers to quit, pointing to the complexity of the quitting process and backing it from the first step. From taking the decision – documenting and strengthening it – to the beginning of the process of giving up smoking, during the process itself – refreshing the motives that have led to quitting and keeping a strong commitment to not smoke anymore – and also after stopping to smoke and becoming tobacco-free and nicotine-free,  the ex-smokers may need reinforcement of their motivation and support to never relapse and enjoy for the rest of their lives the victory against the tobacco addiction and the return to freedom.


Four good questions for you & your smoking Valentine


Dear Victor

You complain that your Valentine smokes, it is very clear that you dislike her habit and you like even less the smell of burnt tobacco and the cigarette smoke (that’s awfully difficult to remove), it is also clear that you love her and you’d like more ideas about what can be done.

Let’s ask the best questions and let’s discover things about your smoking Valentine, about yourself, about you both and let’s see what can be done.

QUESTION NO 1 : Have you lovingly told your Valentine about that ?LOVE


It can be difficult sometimes to tell a smoker something like that. No matter how well you choose your words and your moment, in the smoker’s brain these might sound like accusations, or even worse, like a breaking up declaration. That’s especially true when the smoker feels guilty about smoking but does not accept anyone to have negative comments about himself.

Even if for many non smokers it is often impossible to understand how come that the one who smokes is not the one and only responsible for the effects of smoking upon the smoker himself and upon the others around, the simple truth is that nicotine creates a shield of careless, indifference and tobacco-lies around the smoker – who usually has not the slightest idea about that shield.

Because of this nicotine shield the smoker is not fully aware about the other’s reactions related to his smoking, he has the tendency to minimize the importance of what others say and do and to reject and consider exaggerations all the complains and all the warnings regarding the negative impact of smoking. < How can be so bad something – the cigarette – that makes me feel so good? > thinks the not informed smoker.

In spite of all the above, the shield of tobacco-lies can be broken.

LOVE breaks shields all the time. Information also breaks shields. Whenever it seems difficult to say, you have the option to write, draw, paint, make a video, send a link.

QUESTION NO 2 : Have you lovingly told her that you LOVE her too much to permit cigarettes to transform your Valentine into stinking ashes ?ASHES VALENTINE

QUESTION NO 3 : Have you lovingly repeated your Valentine as often as necessary to be sure that she has got your point about her smoking?

Specialists assure us that only the insistence can make the difference when it is about smokers who initially do not think to quit and have only superficial, incomplete knowledge about the deep, negative tobacco interference in their personal present and future life.VALENTINE, GIVE UP CIGARETTES !

It is very clear that you love your girlfriend and smoking was not – and still isn’t – a reason to keep you apart from her ( even if smoking generally is a crucial pro or con when starting a relationship ).

Maybe she used to smoke less before, or maybe she has just started this stinking habit. In both circumstances if you ask her and dig a little you’ll discover that she has a (new? old and increased?) stress she is afraid she can not cope with, and she uses destructive cigarettes instead of a constructive, real solution against that stress. 

QUESTION NO 4 : Have you lovingly given your Valentine the complete, long list with your own reasons for her to quit plus the reasons inspired from this site that can apply to her?

LOVE can do miracles, LOVE can help overcome stresses and LOVE can make the smoker quit unwanted habits. If you add to LOVE useful information, the top best reasons to quit smoking and never relapse that can be adapted to the reality of your smoking Valentine, if you do not give up before being successful, it is very sure that you’ll soon have a loving, non smoking Valentine.FREE-OF-TOBACCO VALENTINE


Congratulations !

Yeees ! To be free of smoking for 12 days, from the beginning of this brand new, good and promising year 2013 – that’s an excellent reason to celebrate and to be very, very happy.


 Of course you are happy and you have all the right in the world to be. Your quitting happiness is amazingly shared by so many other people, many of them ex-smokers and successful quitters with many days, months, years and decades ( yes, no mistake: tens of years since quitting and never relapsing ). Maybe you do not know all these people but they do know you, they admire you and your wise decision, being extremely happy for you and with you.


 That’s true! The air around you looks clearer and more transparent and the colors you see appear to be brighter and more intense. From the distinctive smell of the brown leather gloves to the surprisingly nice fragrance of the tooth paste, from the more delicious than ever cheeseburger to the fresh and severe smell of winter,



2013 has delved you into a new world. It is easier to breath, to run and to climb in this world. Actually you have for ever lived in it, but before quitting you were perceiving everything through the useless, poisonous tobacco smoke.

The real world, not filtered and not altered by nicotine-lies  is much more interesting and more surprising than the smoked one. This free of smoking world of yours greets and praises you because you have made both of you free of smoking for 12 days and it cheers you for each free-of-smoking-day that has passed and for all the free-of-smoking-days that follow.

Welcome back to your free of smoking world !





Do you want to quit smoking fast and for ever ? Click and read the TOP best reasons to quit smoking and just quit!

Are you not sure if you want to quit ? Read first the above and than ask yourself again.

Do you want to quit some time, in the future? Prepare yourself a better future! The more you know, the better you understand and the better decisions you take. Read also with a click more top best reasons to quit smoking and do not waste time! It’s your own, priceless, irreversible time. Tobacco has never hesitated to steal minutes, hours and years from your valuable life time and transform them into smoke and ashes  …

The day of today, the moment you read and click this lines is an excellent opportunity to quit smoking fast and for ever. Use it. Enjoy the satisfaction of a new beginning with a good choice for yourself, for all the others around and for the natural environment we all live in. 

                       Happy Quitting Fast And For Ever!