by Dr GeV, international medical doctor and tobacco cessation expert


Step 6 of the TOP 10 FAST QUITTING PLAN – as the whole plan – addresses to the quitter of tobacco & nicotine. The t&n quitter is that wise ex-smoker who has decided to let smoking behind and never, ever use cigarettes of any kind, or any tobacco products because any of these immediately allow nicotine to make him/her act like a puppet.

The new, free of nicotine addiction life of the quitter starts with the first steps of the TOP 10 FAST QUITTING PLAN. STEP ONE: set target; STEP TWO: do it and do it NOW; STEP THREE: make it public. All these three can be easily, 80% completed in one hour, just perfect for a good beginning. One more hour and the next three steps can also be started:

STEP FOUR: Trust the good choice; STEP FIVE: Start listing your best reasons to quit tobacco and nicotine; STEP SIX: General cleaning outside and inside the quitter’s body.

Both general cleanings above mentioned have a material and a non material aspect. The material cleaning, besides (6.1), (6.2) and (6.3), includes three more cleaning chapters: [6.4], [6.5] and [6.6].

[6.4] is about cutting/removing the hair from quitter’s body. [6.5] is completed after the renewal of the skin that covers the external surface of the body and also after the renewal of all epithelial tissues inside all cavities of the body. All covering tissues, inside and outside the body contain at least traces of the toxics that entitle the scientific community to define smoking as an intensive, volunteer intoxication.

[6.6] is about stimulating the elimination of visible and invisible, unnatural deposits of toxic derivatives of tobacco and nicotine from all vessels of the body, from all organs and apparatuses, from all tissues and cells.


The toxic substances – brought inside the body while smoking – follow the air current to the lungs, many of them enter the blood stream, pass also into lymph and can be found almost everywhere, from hairs and nails, body liquids, muscles, sinews, to cornea and brain tissues, in bigger or smaller amounts/deposits. Of course, while smoking, the toxic substances from the smoke have also direct contact with the outside of many parts of the body like face, eyes, ears, hands, head, hair and all other occasionally or permanently uncovered parts. Smokers do not use to swim or bathe after each cigarette, neither they brush their teeth so often, therefore external exposure to the toxic substances from tobacco smoke is as intense and harmful as the internal one. The unnatural, dirty color of gums, teeth, fingers and finger nails of heavy smokers represent only the visible signs of the above and just the tip of the iceberg.

The good news is that the body has multiple mechanisms to neutralize, transform, block and ultimately eliminate most of the toxics circulated and deposited all around, inside and outside it. The even better news for quitters is that they can actively help their bodies eliminate faster and in bigger proportion most of those toxics that prolong and delay all repairing and healing processes.

[6.4] All hairs of the body contain smaller or bigger proves of the smoking history of the quitter.

Removing all the hair that can be easily removed is a quick solution at hand. Cutting hairs – eyebrows, eyelashes included – more often than usual, shortening, shaving partly or totally from the beginning, eliminates fast lots of toxics and stimulates growth in a natural, healthy way.

Water is one of the best friends of the quitter of tobacco and nicotine. Both externally and internally, the increased contact with water makes quitting easier and faster.

In order to intensify and accelerate the blood and lymph flow, compulsory conditions for completing [6.5] and [6.6], quitters have to increase with 50 – 100% their daily intake of water for at least one year from the moment of starting their TOP 10 FAST QUITTING PLAN.


There are several other active measures that quitters have to take in order to be sure of their life lasting successful quitting.

Weekly dry sauna in the first quitting month, continued with dry sauna once a month for the rest of the first year without tobacco and nicotine, plus 10 minutes swimming sessions as often as possible and convenient, represent other 2 important active measures that belong to step 6 of this quitting plan.

The necessary 10 minutes daily shower and 2 minutes daily self-massage have to be complemented with a 20 minutes lavender bath once a week. 250 grams of salt (NaCl) dissolved in 500 ml of warm water have to be put inside the bath tub filled with hot water and than completed with 100 mg of lavender dry flowers .

This weekly bath has to be followed by a 10 minutes self-massage from head to toes. Supplementary massage given by specialists is always welcome to be added to the quitter’s daily and weekly routine.

Last but not least, all quitters who aim a fast and steady success need daily at least 20 minutes of intensive physical effort plus 1 hour of walking in open air.

The non material aspect of the general cleaning includes, among other elements, overcoming the addiction and improving quitter’s image in the eyes of those who disagree smoking. Both results are obtained after stopping to use tobacco and nicotine, stopping to feed the addiction, acknowledging the other people about the transformation and confirming it day after day.

As you could see, step 6 of the TOP 10 FAST QUITTING PLAN consists in easy, doable activities that are normally performed in most living places and around them. In short, some of the very important tips for success of any and of all the 10 steps of the fast quitting plan are consistency and a positive, active attitude aiming to transform the quitter into a balanced never smoker for the rest of his/her life.


by Dr GeV, international medical doctor and tobacco cessation expert


(6.1), (6.2), (6.3)

 The new, free of nicotine addiction life of the quitter starts with the first step of the TOP 10 FAST QUITTING PLAN and it has to be directed and strengthened properly, step by step in order to be sure of and enjoy a life lasting success .

Step 6 of TOP 10 FAST QUITTING PLAN is about removing whatever could delay successful tobacco & nicotine cessation . First of all it has to be removed the temptation to smoke that exists around the ex-smoker – the ex-smoker is, of course, that nice and extraordinary person that’s willing and ready to quit tobacco and nicotine for his or her life, for good, thus becoming a real t&n quitter. Who should want to remove that temptation and who should remove it ?

Dear quitter, YOU are the answer to both questions . That’s because YOU want to be tobacco and nicotine addiction free, YOU want to clean that dirt from your life, YOU want to be successful and YOU want it as quickly as possible. Therefore YOU want to escape that temptation and YOU do not want it and do not need it anymore. Besides YOU know better what makes YOU smoke and what should be removed first of all.

As already explained, quitting is more than stopping to smoke.

The 6th step of the TOP 10 FAST QUITTING PLAN includes removing the temptation by (6.1) removing objects like cigarettes, packs of cigs, ashtrays, buts, etc.  from quitter’s sight. Visual contact with cigarettes and smoking related objects is a reminder of the “duty” to smoke. Removing all those objects from quitter’s surroundings makes quitting easier and faster. Obviously, what you do not see, is less present that something you see all the time, everywhere.

Other people smoking and the places where smoking is permitted must be avoided.

That’s not only because they are (6.2) big sources of temptation, but also because they make you smoke indirectly the others’ cigarettes, even if you do not light your own, thus cancelling all your efforts to give up the stinking habit – there is no quitting t&n while smoking – and obliging you to go back to step one. Let’s do not forget that smoking is a social habit that was first seen at other smokers, before being imitated and transformed into personal addiction.

Step 6 is also about (6.3) removing the effects of using tobacco and nicotine from quitters’ environment – removing smells, stains, etc. and doing a complete cleaning up.

clean tobacco


Dear quitter, you start with what’s faster and at hand, scheduling for the next days, weeks etc. whatever needs helpers and more time to be completed. Such general cleaning includes the housethe carthe working place and cannot omit ALL the things you use. The more new things in your new, real quitter life,  things that you did not have/use while still being a smoker, the better. The old smoke of the old cigarettes has penetrated everything – literally EVERYTHING – around the old you – all old gadgets, included – and that smoke can be a trigger for unwanted cravings as well as a temptation reminding the old, stinking habit. 

The smell and the pervasive presence of the old cigarette smoke all around the new quitter is also the sign that quitting at its 6-th step is a process in the making that needs to be attentively and completely worked to life lasting success.                                        to be continued




You, dear ex smoker, want to quit tobacco and nicotine and never come back to any cigarettes. Excellent. Congratulations for intending to transform yourself into a quitter! All you need to quit smoking fast and forever is here, on this site.

Therefore, you – dear quitter – already have the will, your will to quit smoking fast and forever.

Congratulations again, for starting to win against nicotine and allowing your not addicted, wise, good and determined part of yourself to take control of your present and future life.

 Besides your WILL, you also have the occasion, the 1st of the 1st, I mean the best and nearest of all occasions for giving up smoking and getting a life lasting success.

All you still need is a best QUITTING PLAN in a nutshell, detailed and explained to back up your excellent decision to quit tobacco and nicotine forever.


Even if all you need is there, maybe you want some more details about each of the 10 steps of this TOP 10 FAST QUITTING PLAN, or maybe you’d like to have some tips to help you climb even faster the 10 best steps of that plan to your tobacco and nicotine freedom.

You’re welcome if you want to read over here more good examples of success while building your own.

Yes, right. We have here useful and helpful quitting articles in Spanish, too.


In case you want some personal, specific, private or public advice about quitting tobacco & nicotine and related issues, do not hesitate and click.

As we’ve promised, all you need to quit smoking for good is here and if you follow us, new quitting stuff will be added soon.

Good luck and see you making your wish come true!















Every day of May is a perfect day to quit smoking tobacco & nicotine. The last day of May is even more.

On the 31st of May it is celebrated – since 1988 – the WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY: -when never-smokers ask why do so many people still smoke and never get a clarifying, acceptable answer; -when most smokers ask to be left alone and usually they really are; -when ex-smokers transformed into successful quitters feel proud to share their quitting experience and they are inspiring examples of winners in the every day life; -when some well-inspired smokers decide to quit and few put a real end to their tobacco & nicotine addiction. Therefore the whole month of May is excellent for sharing thoughts, ideas, experience about and around quitting tobacco & nicotine. Everyone concerned about this subject is VERY WELCOME to tell, to ask, to answer.

write about quitting the addiction to tobacco & nicotineThis invitation is actually permanent and not limitted to the month of May.  There are many quitters-in-the-making who aim to be successful (this time) and never return to cigarettes. Maybe your words, your ideas – and only yours – can help them find sooner and easier what they are looking for.

Don’t be shy! The reply & comment aria is yours.




Quitting fast the addiction to nicotine and tobacco is the type of decision, attitude, mood, and the kind of acting and reacting to everything that needs very good motivation in order to be successful for ever.

The best way to organize, keep at hand, complete and refresh fast quitters’ motivation is TO LIST all the best personal reasons to fast stop tobacco and nicotine.


The best way to make the fast quitting LIST useful is to read it at least once a day, every day and to add it with more and more personal quitting reasons.

1.”One, two quitting reasons are enough?”

Quitters who really want to thrive, to be successful and not restart smoking after a shorter or a longer period of time, never limit their fast quitting LIST to few motives to stop smoking for ever.

2.”How many quitting reasons should be in a LIST of a successful quitter?”

The more, the better!

The length of the fast quitting LIST reflects the knowledge of the quitter about the implications at many different levels, from different perspectives of the use of tobacco and nicotine. The more reasons the quitter has to give up smoking, the stronger his/her motivation to be successful and to not permit any longer to the nicotine addiction to manipulate and control all quitter’s decisions. Each reason of the fast quitting LIST, as well as the LIST itself is a powerful reminder and help to use against the multiple events that may cause restarting the old habit. Forgetfulness – caused by the addiction – cravings and all the outer, social temptations meant to prevent quitting can be easily neutralized having a look into the personal fast quitting LIST and choosing the most appropriate reason(s) to stay strong and win. This LIST and its reasons can and have to be used not only in the beginning of the quitting process, but also months or years, even decades after a successful quitting, in order to prevent relapses.


The number of reasons of the LIST is directly proportional to the speed the quitter gets steady results. 20 personal reasons to quit will help to beat the addiction faster than 10 personal reasons. A long LIST of personal reasons shows more awareness, more commitment and proves a stronger will if compared with a short one.

3.”Why personal reasons and not just reasons?”

When you are a quitter and, as a quitter you state that you stop smoking for medical reasons, that’s very general and it’s not as efficient and as impacting as it is when you elaborate and present your quitting reasons, making yourself the subject of a first person, convincing, complex assertion – included in your LIST : “I quit nicotine and tobacco because my health is more important than smoking. I quit because I am aware that all human beings – including me – have weaker parts (here it’s useful to prove yourself that you know precisely what are yours) that can be made even weaker by daily, voluntary intoxication and I do not want to harm myself anymore. I quit because I prefer a life without the pain, suffering and disabilities caused by the consequences of the tobacco & nicotine addiction.”

Another example : Saying – and including in your LIST – that you quit smoking because you do not want to burn money anymore is too little.


But if you mention the exact amount of YOUR own money – plus their currency – YOU have burnt in the last year/few years/decade(s), what kind of extremely bad business you’ve done and what other profitable things YOU could have done with all that burnt money, you get a really useful article in your personal, fast quitting LIST. Such personalized articles of the quitting LIST can not so easily be ignored and even if you read them several times, you can still find aspects to make you attentive and thoughtful about the powerful manipulation of nicotine upon smokers, about your urgent need to stop it for ever and about the huge benefits of that wise choice.


The addiction to nicotine – like all other addictions – tends to make things to look impersonal and builds the nicotine/drug shields around the addicts in such a way that smokers do not see and do not realize what’s obvious for the nonsmokers. The addicts consider themselves above risks, above logics and above responsibilities in the aria of their addiction and very often far beyond, in many other arias of their lives, quite because of their addiction.

Fast, successful quitting is about fast taking and making everything – the LIST, the risks and the responsibilities included – as personal as possible and as they really are.



But Don’t Be Overconfident.  trust yourself but don't be overconfident ;if you overeveluate, you may fail


NO MORE NICOTINE means no more tobacco, no more smoking, no more invitations for the nastiest, for the most painful and the most horrible illnesses related with cigarretes.

NO MORE NICOTINE means also no more addiction to nicotine, no more intrusive brain control through nicotine, no more wrong thinking and wrong decisions because of nicotine, no more nicotine related health dangers. 

Dear Quitter 

Congratulations for your wise decision to quit nicotine and tobacco !

You have already taken successfully 3 steps of your TOP TEN QUITTING PLAN: the first step confirmed your decision, the second was about timing, the third about communicating your wise decision to everyone. Thus you are closer to your victory against the nicotine addiction.

The fourth step of your top 10 plan -and of your way- to quit smoking successfully is about TRUST, about trusting yourself, trusting your wise decision to give up tobacco & nicotine and trusting your ability to do it now, for good and without relapses. It is also about trusting the people who want you to become a successful quitter, free of the nicotine addiction for the rest of your life, about trusting your plan and your means to make your quitting plan come true.

When you start to discover the knowledge and the information gathered in tens of years about the unwanted effects of smoking, of tobacco & nicotine upon health, upon body and brain, upon the long term wellbeing it is like waking up after a too long sleep. When you get awaken, you begin to realize the dimensions of the error induced by nicotine and the huge need for truth, for correcting that error, for giving up for ever tobacco and nicotine and becoming a successful quitter.

This success can be achieved easily if you stay alert, stick to your plan to not smoke, no matter what…,keep your LIST and your BESTS at hand and keep in mind an important detail.nicotine addiction tries to catch back the quitter 99% of failures happen because it’s ignored the important detail that giving up the temptation to smoke just a little – very little, one single puff – is enough to ruin your quitting plan and make you go back to the smoker position, before climbing your first quitting step. That’s because the intake of nicotine reactivates immediately all brain circuits of the addiction, cancells all your previous efforts to quit smoking successfully and pushes you to return to the old habit.

In other words overconfidence can lead to failure. The good part is that as far as you are warned, you can easily prevent that, do not waste precious time and continue to climb your quitting steps of your TOP TEN QUITTING PLAN to successful quitting tobacco & nicotine.

 step by step 4, nicotine no more







Dear Quitter, It’s A Lot About Them


In the past you started your t&n addiction because of them. Now, when you’ve decided to get rid once and for ever of the nasty habit, tell them and – yes, them ! – write them about the new you, thus making them help you fast become tobacco & nicotine free.

If you are not very sure about them, we unconditionally sustain your quitting initiative and you can start writing here, on this site telling the world, telling them that, from now on you are a successful quitter and they have to consider and honor the new you.

step by step 3 of the 10 top best steps to quit amoking tobacco & nicotine for ever

Do you remember? You smoked your first cigarette because of them. (Of course, it was not only because of them, but that’s not the point of this article to focus on all the causes that transformed you into an addicted ex-smoker.) You saw them smoking, you heard them tempting you to try, you believed them when they told you how great and chic it was, you followed them, you wanted to be like them, you became like them – sort of… – buying from them and paying them for the highly addictive, legal drug provided to you and to all other t&n smokers, all over the world.

You made them – well, some of them – very rich. You continued all those years with the t&n addiction because of them – because of what they did and because of what they didn’t…

Now, when you’ve firmly taken the decision to quit smoking and become tobacco & nicotine free, you are absolutely legitimate to tell “them” – speaking and writing, drawing and painting, mimicking or singing, playing or interpreting and in all other imaginable ways – about your strong decision to stop the t&n addiction for good, transforming “them” into your partners during the quitting process.

You’ll say that’s about different “them”.

Of course, you are right. There are different “them” in this story and they have to be different in order to be sure of your success to give up t&n and never relapse. to write&tell everyone about the decision to quit the addiction to tobacco & nicotine

The point is that not only smoking t&n is a social habit with a major social dimension. Quitting t&n has also an important social dimension, benefiting all people around the world, smokers and never-smokers – not only those around the quitter. Successful quitting can be achieved faster if you, as a quitter tell and write as many people from as many places as you want about what you are changing in your new, cleaner and healthier t&n free life.

You tell them and in the same time you repeat yourself. They answer and thus they give more echo to your own tobacco & nicotine quitting decision, confirming you once more.

And there is more impact that you can imagine. When you tell/write others about your quitting resolution it’s like a public promise that makes you even more committed to be successful. On the other hand it is not only about getting social and informing the others. The more people – and places – you declare yourself as a successful quitter, better for you because it means more times when you remind yourself about and reinforce your no addiction purpose.

The brain arias coordinating the writing skill are not identical with the ones controlling speech, thus it’s meaningful and very helpful to both write and speak about your choice to be t&n free. The other ways of communication involve even more cerebral zones, more neurons and more synapses among these noble cerebral cells .wise communication makes quitting tobacco and nicotine faster and


The more arias of your own brain ( brain that’s partly controlled by the addiction to the very drug you want to cut ) you make aware and active in sustaining your wise t&n quitting decision, the easier and faster becomes the whole quitting process. Do not miss any of the TOP 10 STEPS and in no time you will be tobacco & nicotine free!


 QUIT NOW tobacco & nicotine (t&n)

admiration & respect for quiters of tobacco and nicotineYou want to stop smoking for good (and for the last time, even if it’s the first…), you want to be free of your t&n addiction, you want to be a successful quitter without relapses and you want it fast.

You say “fast”.

What do you think about NOW? I mean, QUIT NOW, at this moment!STEP BY STEP 2 OF THE NEW, 2014 TOP TEN STEPS TO FAST QUIT tobacco and nicotine

You have to admit that NOW is faster than tomorrow or any other later moments. Any fast quit starts right now. Just think to the very many lost days and moments when you did not know and you were not aware of what you are aware now, all those days and moments that added distance between you and your success. (Yes. That’s right. Successful quitting attracts and brings general success in many departments of life. As they say for ages: “nothing succeeds like success”.)

Besides, why to postpone and waste the wonderful NOW as far as you are determined to quit?

The faster you do,

the better for you

and for the others, too.

With every free of t&n, voluntary moment and every not smoked cigarette or cigar, you come closer to the aimed success and make all things easier and faster.

Every light up, also every single inhalation from a cigarette confirms and strengthens the t&n addiction built in time. On the other hand every skipped t&n dose – as expression of your firm decision to quit and as part of an assumed Quitting Plan – weakens and starts to erase the path of the addiction. (Why a quitting plan and not simply quitting? In order to avoid the endless story of intended and failed quittings and secure a successful, life-long t&n freedom.)

Speaking of successful plans and choosing the fastest, the  TOP TEN STEPS TO FAST QUIT t&n, you quit now, you start – and if possible complete – as many steps as you can and, as soon as you have all of them started, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow the whole quitting Plan is set ready to bring you in the position of a successful quitter, free of the t&n addiction for good.

Do not hesitate! The best moment for wise decisions and actions is NOW. Do it now, once and for ever. QUIT NOW the t&n addiction!QUITTING NOW t&n IS A WISE DECISION