1. 私はそう思い励起さ私が見つけた、あなたのウェブページ| Askjeeve| | AOLの|ビンビン| GoogleのDiggに見て、私は研究していたが、事故|ミス|ブログは}、私は本当に素晴らしい {仕事、素晴らしいを維持でくださいより。

  2. Yes! Finally something about sex but not about sex, at all.
    I like the irony to the “mdern”, contemp Christmas habits and the innocence of the conclusion.

  3. I hate smokers and I’m surrounded by them. I’d like a non smoking world, or at least a free of tobacco environment. Pleeese !

  4. Do you, anonimously hate ALL smokers? You know there are thousands of personalities, more or less important, from all fields of life that love – and loved – cigarettes… From Einstein, Mark Twain, Marlyn Monroe, Alain Delon to the contemporary Lady Gaga…

  5. I hate all smokers who make me breath their smoke and who oblige – and hurt – kids, like this young, cute Santa, to become passive smokers. Lady Gaga is a bad example with her cigarettes in public. The past is past; besides, scientific knowledge about the stupidity and major risks of smoking is relatively new and did not exist in Einstein’s time.

  6. My secret 🙂 wish : I wish you, all dear smokers, to quit tobacco (&nico) and allow all your nears and dears to breath easier a cleaner air all the time.

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