275 Days After Quitting Tobacco and Nicotine.

 Quitting Mistakes To Avoid (1)

First of all, congratulations! It is a big quitting victory and the gold medal is yours, with all our admiration and respect.


 We think you deserve all smokers’, ex-smokers’ and never-smokers’ admiration for your decision to quit tobacco and nicotine for ever – this time – in spite of your big fear to gain weight or meet other unbearable health troubles, and in spite of your lack of selfconfidence after having tried unsuccessfully so many times before.

You have worked daily, minute by minute your victory, you stood up firmly for your decision. Nicotine and the so called “friends” could not lure you anymore. You did not repeat the old quitting mistakes – only that and it would be sufficient to gain everyone’s respect – you allowed us to help you prevent new quitting errors, and the outcome is brilliant: free of tobacco and nicotine for 275 days with no quitting regrets after so many years of smoking, plus the perspective to never, ever allow to be controlled and manipulated by tobacco and nicotine, nor by any other addictive drug.medal to celebrate quitting tobacco and nicotine


As you could see, it would have been a huge quitting mistake to follow all the same quitting steps in the same sequence as you did on your previous, unsuccessful attempts. Quitting is a personal experience, not a general one. Each smoker is unique, each one having his or her own quitting top best reasons and needs in order to become tobacco and nicotine free for ever. To think that’s enough to just copy other quitters’ approach (without adapting, completing, personalizing your own experience) and become a successful non smoker is just an ordinary quitting mistake.

You were extremely surprised when you were advised to not schedule any days off – this time- for initiating the quitting process.

The <days off> method did not work for you before. In your case it would have been just one more quitting mistake to repeat. Your choice was to avoid it. Congrats for that! Focusing some special days only on giving up the stinking habit , eliminating daily labor and current activities inside and outside the house during those special days seem to work only for about 30% of successful quitters– as a part of the famous “cold turkey” or not necessarily related.

You needed to stay away from cigarettes as a usual behavior, all time long: at home, at work, in and out, day and night, alone and surrounded by others, not as something special for the days off.

That is why, in stead of a useless – from the point of view of a successful quitting – short holiday, you were invited to read and document well your quitting decision and, after many years and many previous holidays with tobacco and nicotine, to change and early book a 5 stars free of smoking elegant cruise around the marvelos places you’ve always wanted to descover. You were astonished to see how great things can be done with the money you have chosen to save from being burnt. BETTER TOBACCO FREE CRUISING THAN SMOKING


We noticed very little enthusiasm on your face – and voice – ( “ I did not like school and I thought I finished with it some time ago…” ) about writing down your PERSONAL QUITTING LIST with your personal top best reasons for quitting tobacco and nicotine, but since being shown how to and since doing it, you had uncountable ocasions to see how necessary and useful it was. You needed to have THE LIST under your eyes just for a look, to refresh some details from time to time or to read it completely several times a day, almost every day. During the whole process of quitting you used to add better and more detailed explanations to the initial quitting motives in order to make them crystal clear and even more relevant for you than before, in the beginning, when you had discovered and named them. Besides you used to enrich your LIST with new quitting reasons whenever you detected new ones that could easily aply to you, too, thus getting a more and more complete and reliable backup for your decision.LIST OF TOP BEST REASONS TO QUIT TOBACCO AND NICOTINE


After so good and passionate work to have an updated LIST, it would have been a huge mistake to forget about it and about the top best reasons for doing what you wisely had decided to do. Few seconds of self forgetfulness might have given nicotine the occasion to gain – again – and might have transformed all the work into smoke.

In order to prevent that, you had several copies of your up to date QUITTING LIST always at hand and in sight: in the smartphone, on the desktop and also nearby the screen of your computer, on both sides of all doors, a magnified one near the TV, a colorful one in the bathroom, on the right side of the mirror and some minimised copies inside the car and inside the pockets of the jeens, of the jaket and of your favorite bag. paper and virtual quitting lists against nicotine and tobacco


A decision to quit smoking for good WITHOUT a rock solid motivation, detailed in your PERSONAL QUITTING LIST of YOUR TOP BEST REASONS TO QUIT TOBACCO AND NICOTINE it would have been a beginner’s mistake that you successfully avoided.

We listened carefully to your story about your electronic cigarette – that had come to you as a birthday present meant to help your endeavor to quit smoking, that was lost 2 weeks after starting to use it and was immediately replaced by a pack of the well known slims newly bought, almost in panic of remaining without something to smoke, as if that would have been a catastrophy to prevent…(!?)

We surprised you explaining that e-cigs are not at all quitting instruments. Quitting tobacco and nicotine is meant to cut the chain of addiction and not to bring it to another level, replacing the paper wraped addictive cigarette -or cigar- with the plastic/ceramic addictive e-cig. The addiction itself is created and maintained by the very powerful drug called nicotine. All e-cigs contain nicotine. If it weren’t nicotine in the common cigarettes, it would not exist tobacco addiction and almost no one would accept to burn garbage into their mouth and inhale the smoke into the chest every day for a life time; also if it weren’t about nicotine, quitting tobacco for ever would be piece of cake for all smokers all over the world.




The very fact that after 2 weeks of e-cig you looked eagerly for your previous tobacco slims, points to other quitting mistakes you successfully managed to avoid:

1)very often smokers – and not only – ignore their dependance and consider smoking just a… habit, while in fact it’s a strong drug=nicotine addiction;

2)the process of quitting is taken as anything else but what it really is: the cutting of a deeply rooted addiction that controlls the brain, the behavior and the every day life of the smokers;

3)nicotine, the enemy of all quitters who want to stay for ever free of the drug and of their addiction is too little known and insuficiently understood by smokers and quitters and, therefore very difficult to beat.


To be continued



18 thoughts on “275 Days After Quitting Tobacco and Nicotine.

  1. It is perfect time to make some plans for the
    future and it is time to be happy. I wish to read even more things about it!

  2. You are my aspiration, I have few blogs and infrequently run out from post :). “Truth springs from argument amongst friends.” by David Hume.

  3. Good post. Contagiating. I have only 3 days free of s..t untill now and I dream to reach day 200 without poison. I struggle with the list now but I’m afraid that I’m not going to resist more than one week on this 6th attempt to give up cigarettes…What do you advice?

  4. As far as you are on this site and you are comitted to escape the grips of the nicotine addiction, you’ll escape it! Trust me, trust yourself, trust your ANGEL who’s guided you here! You are in good hands!
    Your LIST of your personal quitting reasons is crucial for your success; you’ll have the most of it if
    1)put it on your cell phone and
    2) you add it with more and more personalised reasons , as far as you identify them. This LIST is not supposed to end after a short/certain/long search, all the contrary. You may keep it open even years after giving up the habit.
    For the moment just read as much as you can – click on blue words – from the main 2 pages meant to inspire motivation. Than start reading all the posts of the blog – under HOME – from the very first, in Dec 2012 untill 2015 and extract some personal reasons from there,too.

  5. Dear LULU,
    Keep up the good work!
    In case you have not read it yet, there is here a complete page dedicated to listing your personal reasons, the FEB 2015 post dedicated exclusively to the personal quitting LIST, plus more good stuff in TOP 10, post and dedicated page.

  6. Congrats! As you can see, you’ve already celebrated the 12th day – yesterday – without feeding the nicotine addiction. That addiction persists for decades – believe me, I quitted 8 years ago and, even if I don’t need at all to smoke, from time to time I dream cigarettes between all of my fingers.
    But as far as you do not surrender to the addiction and stay free of tobacco & nicotine, you enjoy all the advantages of not spending time, health, energy and money to smoking while you remain – of course – a successful quitter.

  7. I dream to tobacco freedom. My best up to know is 10 days without smoking. I am and I feel very weak when confronting to cigarettes. I don’t know why, but cigarettes always win. Help !

  8. What do you recommend for Valentine’s for my handsome Val who has not managed to quit for good in spite of his efforts. I’ve noticed you have a lot of quitting good reading stuff here but I’m not sure what to help Val start with.

  9. Because of you and your writings here, I celebrate 200 days free of smoking. If I hadn’t had your lines to read whenever it was tough, I would have, for sure failed – like 23 times before. THANK YOU ! THANK YOU, ALL AND I LOVE YOU, ALL !

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