New TOP 10 STEPS TO FAST QUIT tobacco & nicotine

Dream to stop smoking once and for ever? Climb the top 10 steps to fast quit tobacco and nicotine and you’ll never come back to the stinking habit.QUIT TOBACCO AND WIN Smoking, using tobacco and nicotine under any form  is a very catchy, life long addiction that was encouraged and insistentely advertised all over the world during the XX th century.  

That century is already history. Things have changed since, knowledge and information are available and easy to access as it was never dreamt before. It is up to us to use well all the knowledge and info offered including by the top best reasons to quit smoking and by all the other pages of this site for a personal and general healthier, better, richer and longer life.

Step 1 : Set target

From the beginning it is crucial to establish honestly what do you want to get.

QUIT ADDICTION to tobacco and nicotine TARGETSmoking tobacco is the expression of a very strong drug addiction. When you, as a smoker grab your cigarette, you do it because – among others – your addiction screams for the drug called nicotine. This drug exists in all tobacco products and also in the electronic cig. Nicotine starts building the addiction with the very first inhalation from the first cigarette and strengthens the drug dependence with every smoke. If you think to get rid of the ironically named “benefits” of this addiction and stop smoking for good, your target is to fast quit tobacco & nicotine for ever. And therefore to fast quit the nicotine addiction.

Bonus target: It is reasonable to aim to a minimum – tending to zero – trouble of the quitting tobacco and nicotine process. Bonus tip: Mind steps 3, 4, 7 and 9 for an easy, smooth quitting.

Step 2 : Do it on the spot.

When you decide to quit, and you want it fast, do not postpone for tomorrow, for next week or for after finishing the current pack.

2 quit smoking right nowThere is no better moment to quit smoking than NOW. ON THE SPOT. If you let the moment pass, you just allow nicotine to become even more powerful than it already is. An average of 7 smokers from 10 all over the world declare that they intend to stop smoking in the future. When asked to be more specific about the time, most of them say that they are waiting for a good moment. What they do not know is that nicotine will always take care to not permit such a good moment.Quitting is not to be left upon the addiction’s good will.

Step 3 : Write (about) it.

Take your good and wise decision to stop tobacco and nicotine and write it down…everywhere. STEP 3  WRITE YOUR DECISION TO QUIT SMOKING tobacco & nicotineE-mail or SMS your decision to all the people you know, smokers and never smokers, asking them – for instance – to support your decision as efficiently as they can. Blog it. Write about it on forums. Put it on your computer screen with a selfie, date and hour. Note it on a piece of paper – or on many – placing each in one pocket. Dedicate an article to your great decision to fast quit, write a poem, maybe a song, paint something, make a video, put it on Yotube. Maybe it would be great to link this third step with the step no 8 – about getting extensive info regarding quitting t&n –  anticipating a little and paying some visits to reddit, the front page of the internet where many quitters and ex-smokers meet.  This combination of personal and public approach is meant to strengthen your commitment, to help you be really successful for good and for ever and last but not least, to make the others aware of your decision.


Step 4 : Trust yourself but do not be overconfident.

4 trust yourself

Smoking tobacco and nicotine is an artificial habit, even if many smokers wrongly consider it as their natural right. There are very many ex-smokers who have successfully quitted tobacco & nicotine for ever and so will you. All you have to do is to take into account certain important details that make the difference between failure and success. For instance the first 3 weeks without t&n are crucial. The nicotinic addiction generates cravings that dictate quitters to smoke. Cravings are only few minutes long but they come repeatedly and quitters need to be aware of that and ready to react properly, offering themselves THE BESTS wise alternatives to the drug. (see step 7). After the first 3 weeks free of t&n the quitter is entitled to an ex-smoker position bringing a real, life-long freedom from the nicotinic addiction. Very many people ignore that smoking just a small part of a cigarette – not a complete one – any time during the quitting process or later on, cancells the quitting and pushes the quitter back to his previous smoker status, reactivating his addiction to nicotine and making this dependence stronger than ever before. There are always people willing to help quitters escape their vice and there are also people among all quitters’ relatives, friends, mates, neighbors or acquaintances who love smoking and prefer smokers. That’s the world we live in, where quitting can be a challenge and successful quitting for ever, a very sweet victory.


Step 5 : List all your best reasons to quit.

When you make up your mind to quit, you want to do it, no doubt about it. But your mind and your will to change routines and quit an addictive drug and a bad habit are not equal with themselves all the time. STEP 5 OF THE NEW,2014 TOP TEN STEPS TO FAST QUITTING t&n : THE LIST OF YOUR QUITTING REASONSYour good hours of the day never resemble the poor ones. There is huge difference between the time when you feel fresh, attentive, full of energy and completely aware and the time when you are tired, bored, weak or a little bit confused. In these latest moments your quitting decision needs urgent reinforcement. Reminding yourself all your reasons to quit t&n, having your reasons at hand and revising/updating them whenever necessary helps to keep away the drug much more than you can imagine, blocking cravings and weakening the temptation. Take your time and complete your personal LIST of your personal top best reasons to quit t&n. Update this personal LIST of yours, as often as needed, being aware that your will and your mind are still interfered and partly controlled by the very drug you want to quit. Your personal LIST is your faithful ally and a valuable friend you can trust every day and every moment.

Step 6 : Remove the temptation.

This will help you forget cigarettes, smoking, t&n while not thinking so often to something you don’t want anymore in your life. 6 clean upIt is also a very useful step till you manage to work your solid and extensive motivation of your quitting decision and have a very good LIST of YOUR personal reasons to stop t&n. Besides getting rid of all those things that remind you about the stinking habit it is wise to remove also your scheduled meetings with smokers until you become able to invite them convincingly to not smoke in your presence and in your proximity.

Step 7 : Offer yourself lots of alternatives, your BESTS

Your nicotine addiction does not give you choices, but you can allow yourself lots of alternatives that – unlike tobacco and nicotine – do not harm and offer a higher quality of relive, relaxation and satisfaction. Actually for each residual thought about the cigarette you used to smoke before quitting and for each craving moment, you should give yourself at least 4-5 alternatives, combining as many as needed, as often as nicotine sugests/orders you to give up your quitting decision. BESTS is the acronym for the best, fastest and most efficient alternatives instead of smoking– according to quit t&n specialists and also according to many successful quitters:

B from BREATH. breath6 -12 deep, long breaths replace successfully a cigarette, clear the mind and calm down anxiety for 9 of 10 ex-smokers.

E from EAT. quit smoking & beat cravings eating fruitAlmonds, pistachios, nuts, any other dry fruit or seeds – no added salt or sugar, to not create new health troubles – (pieces of) fresh fruit &/or vegetables mixed according to their source or to your talent and inspiration to create the exquisite taste you enjoy.

S from SPORT. sport instead of cravingsFew minutes of physical exercise tailored for each moment of the day, circumstance and place, working from fingers and toes ( 4 min at least) to the whole body with all its muscles and joints – when and where possible – changes the mood and makes you alert.

T from THINK. THINKThink why do you need a fast quit. Think to your personal LIST of your personal top best reasons to quit t&n, have a look at it for refreshing your memories. Then think to the phisical and moral pain and suffering caused by a heart attack or by a paraplegia that nicotine too often brings to smokers, think to the horrible cancers brought by tobacco and tell yourself – again – about all the advantages of your wise decision to fast quit t&n.

S from SIPS. SIPS to beat t&n cravingsIt is about sips of water, with or without lemon, honey, etc.(It is notorious – among specialists – that nicotine blocks the thirst reflex and smokers’ intake of healthy liquids hardly overcomes 50% of their needs.) It is also about sips of tea – hot, with cream, with ice, according to tastes, weather, latitude. From green tea, cinnamon tea, orange tea, lime tea or aloe vera blossom tea to the most exotic and interesting teas, with the most bitter-intriguing taste you can find. Last but not least it is about sips of freshly squeezed fruit juice, all these meant to hydrate correctly and sufficiently a deprived and intoxicated body.

Step 8: Get extensive infoget info about quitting tobacco and nicotine

It is wise and useful to search and find out as much as possible about smoking and its huge costs – paid with health troubles, environmental and social negative impact and also paid with money – about tobacco and nicotine, one of the most addictive drugs available legally almost everywhere on our planet and about their incredible history of public, official advocacy in favor of smoking. The info about quitting and returning to normality, about smokers and nonsmokers as motivated communities, about the personal and collective experiences of giving up an unwanted habit increase your chances to be successful from the beginning. Choose credible, well documented sources for your info and keep in mind that there are still mega interests in promoting the use of t&n (together or separately) all over the world, besides the international movement against tobacco and nicotine.

Step 9 : Identify additional helpADDITIONAL HELP for quitters

The additional help is meant to cover all the gaps that might appear and could block your success. Many smokers, especially those who want to prevent from the beginning any failed attempt, chose to be assisted by the best professionals specialized in helping quitters give up their vice for good. There are very many sources of additional help for all possible needs of the t&n quitters. These sources are not only on the net but also nearby the place where you live. After identifying them it is better to check them ASAP to see precisely how they can help you, what supplementary competences do they have, what program and contact options do they offer. As far as identified, be ready to use the additional help whenever it seems necessary in order to secure your victory. No matter the amount of this extra help used, the success and the freedom from t&n will be totally yours.

Step 10 : Enjoy your natural freedom breaking the nicotine shield.

These top 10 steps to fast quit t&n will make you successful as they’ve made others before you. TOP 10 STEPS TO QUIT SMOKING t&nThere is no difference if you are a first time quitter or if you have a long history of quitting attempts, if your addiction is 99 points strong and controlls you 99% or your dependence is mild and easier to beat.

You’ve seriously decided to win against your smoking addiction (step 1). You’ve got informed about what successful quitting is about (steps 1, 3, 7, 9) and who is your real enemy ( steps 5 & 8).You’ve been suggested a strategy and many tips to quit fast and easy (steps 2, 4, 6, 7). Step by step you were well prepared with the proper weapons to beat the dependence and you were led to the very core of the nicotine addiction. From that central point the nicotine shield of false superiority, self sufficiency and careless – shield built by the drug around all smokers in order to control them and keep them dependent – can be easily aimed and broken into pieces. All you have to do is to use consistently all your weapons and all quitter’s true friends to let behind a useless and nonsensical past addiction and enjoy your victory and your natural freedom.

 top 10 steps to fast quit smoking lead to success











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    • 2 days for initiating all 10. The time needed for completing as well as possible all steps is variable because everyday the quitter may discover new, useful ideas against cravings, new personal reasons to stop smoking t&n, etc. No matter how fast are climbed all steps, there is a minimum of 30 days without tobacco, without nicotine, without cravings and without any unpleasant/unwanted side effects before trusting a life long quitting success.

  1. It’s like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote a book about it or something alike.
    I think that you can do with a few pics to drive the message
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  2. I think this is among the most vital information for me. And i am so glad reading your article. And so mad about me…
    REALLY good job, cheers !

  3. The reading of this TOP TEN was not FAST at all…Actually I’ve read it twice – I needed 3 days for that and to be sure that I’ve well understood all details plus the main idea. Now I’m convinced that every bit of it makes sense and can lead to permanent quitting. Could I contact you here or on mail for further support?


    • You’re welcome anywhere. If you choose a post/page for your questions, it’s going to be public and many people will benefit from your experience.

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  7. Dear WHY2, WHY not change and shift to freedom after freedom and success after success, starting with the first step of targetting corectly your
    ideal to stop smoking ?

  8. COGITO, this plan is really self suf. It can be used as a self help plan and if you stick on it, it is more than sufficient to free you from the nicotine addiction; actually, from ANY ADDICTION if you adapt it wisely .

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  10. It’s truly a great and useful piece of information. I’m happy that you just shared this helpful info with us.

    Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  11. YES ! This was my lucky choice. I’ve started early this year following your 10 steps like the Holly Grail and the ultimate trial after 11-eleven- failed attempts to stop smoking. You were 101% right with all the great articles from your site and all your e-mails have been like manna for me. I thank you all, with all my heart because I am now free of tobacco and nicotine adicction as you’ve promissed and that’s going to be for the rest of my present life.
    1000 thanks from me! God bless you all who have worked so diligently and highly inspired for this site – and implicitly for my victory! THANK YOU ! THANK YOU! THANK YOU ! THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH !

  12. I’M IMPRESSED. Very detailed, convincing and well documented work. Which one is better to follow in order to try to quit smoking: the page TOP 10 or the post New, 2014 TOP 10…?

    • Both are OK. Each of them will transform you into a successful quitter. The page contains some top quitting reasons clearly stated. On the post the reasons are implicit.

  13. Very good and useful. My friend took those 10 steps and now he does not believe that he was the one with 2-3 packs/day. 2 big thanks from us !

    • Initially there were 12 steps and it was a long fight to unite some aspects and have only 10 steps. Here, on this site quitting is taken very seriously and so is the assistance available for everyone, especially for those lonly quitters who do not use to ask for support. They need to know as much as possible from the beginning in order to be successful

    • TRUE. It’s not identical, but the ideals are the same: more aware ex-smokers, free of the addiction to tobacco & nicotine, all of them transformed into successful quitters and never smokers for the rest of their lives.

    • It is more difficult and less likely to say “SO WHAT ?” to a whole list when nicotine prompts you to forget about quitting.

  14. Dear Julia, TOP 10 is fast because it allows you to climb it very quickly, many steps in the same time/day and become a successfull quitter, free of the addiction to tobacco and nicotine, in less than one month. Besides it tells you important things from the beginning, helping you to save lots of time, energy and hopes in your way to success.

  15. I want to quit but I don’t get why -according to your New TOP 10- should I start with so difficult to achieve targets. Don’t you think that you push away most smokers with such targets?

  16. The quality of the target defines the quality of the result of the TOP 10 quitting plan. The target to win against the addiction to tobacco and nicotine brings a life lasting success against smoking.

  17. Sorry but I still do not get it and I feel somehow rejected, therefore less interested than before to follow TOP 10 for quitting.

  18. I know there is nicotine without tobacco. But tobacco without nicotine ? Therefore isn’t ok to set as target quitting the addiction to nicotine ?

  19. The best and most useful post for those convinced to give up the tobacco vice. It worked fast for my husband (hasn’t puffed for 5 months and doesn’t intend to ever smoke anything as long as he is alive.
    God bless your post and your site ! You are really excellent and worth more than all the doctors, programs, pills and everything else he spent almost $12thous for. THANK YOU BECAUSE YOU EXIST AND BECAUSE YOU ARE SO GOOD, PATIENT, CARING and freeee ! Thank you 12thousand times !


  20. In the end sth – your TOP 10 – that seems to work for me, too. I’m 60 days tobacco and nicotine free and I foresee good signs to remain free, at least during this life. Thanks

  21. Yes, right! The name is ” new top 10 steps …” because there are 10 steps, but not only…What’s new in this quitting plan is that it does not sell anything and it gives the clues to make ALL quitters to stop smoking FOR SURE. When you are on top, after climbing the 10 fast quitting steps, you are free of addiction and you get what you wanted when you’ve started to climb. This post, new top 10 steps… is completed by the page TOP 10 that explains even more than what’s in this post. Good luck and make everyone aware that there are quitters who look for the help this site gives for free, without requiring any ID.

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