3 TIPS for the TOP TEN STEPS TO FAST QUIT SMOKING tobacco & nicotine


Tip 1: Begin with Step 1 

All journeys, all climbings start with the first step. The first step of the TOP TEN STEPS TO FAST QUIT t&n establishes the ambitious target of the whole plan: to give up smoking and quit the nicotine addiction for ever, stopping both tobacco and nicotine for the same length of time. If you miss Step 1, you miss also the purpose of the entire plan and without this target to achieve, there is no real quitting. Besides losing Step 1, the 10th Step of this fast quitting plan is also lost and there is no more natural smoking freedom to obtain in the end. Anything less or different from Step 1 is incompatible with this plan, does not guarantee success and it’s not good enough for you if you really want to quit smoking, once and for ever. 

NEW,2014 Top 10 Steps tp Fast Quit Smoking Tobacco and Nicotine

Tip 2: Steps 2 to 9 in any order 

Most quitters follow step by step, from Step 2 to Step 9 the quitting plan and tick the steps as they are completed in order to not miss any. The sequence of these middle steps can be changed and adapted to needs and possibilities, the way you like and consider more suitable for you. There are successful quitters who have chosen to start at the same time more steps – in some cases all steps – and work at all of them, aiming to finish (all of) them at the same time, in stead of one by one. Any combination, any order works for the middle steps, as long as each of them is done as well and as attentively and completely as possible and none of them is forgotten.  

Tip 3: All 10 steps or no freedom 

The  TOP 10  STEPS TO STOP SMOKING FAST were designed to lead quitters to t&n freedom after a minimum number of steps and with a minimum of absolutely necessary effort. When you are looking for results, when you aim to give up smoking, you can never afford to go below the minimum required.

Climbing only some of these steps – even if most of them, but not ALL 10 of them – is not sufficient and it does not guarantee the success. Instead, if you haven’t climbed ALL 10, you can be sure that you are missing something important that may prevent you from winning against your t&n addiction and stop smoking for good.



11 thoughts on “3 TIPS for the TOP TEN STEPS TO FAST QUIT SMOKING tobacco & nicotine

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  2. All steps, ok, agree. I’ve got the message. It seems that’s going to be more than one months between starting and completing the step with the LIST. What do you think? Is this minimizing the chance for 100%success? Two more steps still waiting. No more nicotine since I’ve read TOP BEST REASONS & MORE TOPBEST REASONS, in August.

    • As long as you stay away of nicotine, as long as you are convinced to keep your addiction in the past and never allow it to control you any more, as long as you continue working on your quitting plan, you are on your shortest way to tobacco and nicotine FREEDOM.

  3. Dear all
    I’ve quitted on the 1st of this new year and I wonder what do you think about a smoking councellor who advices smokers to give up tobacco; for the moment it seems that most docs and quitting advicers in my aria use to smoke – some havily. Are these ok for step 9 of the fast quitting plan?

  4. 1.Expand the search aria. 2.Send us an e-mail with your location and we’ll find a non smoking councellor to meet you face to face. 3.Write us on CONTACT or send an e-mail if you want an e-mail councellor .
    Here we consider that the personal exemple is crucial.

  5. What can I do to be absolutely sure that this attempt to stop smoking – I want to do tomorrow, on my Birthday – is going to be the good last and afterwards I will not smoke anymore ?

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    I noticed that your website is outranked by many other blogs in google’s search results.
    You deserve to be in top10.

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