Let’s take step by step the fast quitting plan called “TOP 10 STEPS TO FAST QUIT smoking tobacco & nicotine” that you can open here and let’s start with the first step that establishes the target of this plan.first step of a successful quitting tobacco and nicotine


When the smoker decides to quit – and he is committed to do so – it’s easier to stop than anyone might think. The after-quitting expectations and behavior make the difference.

If the expectation and planned behavior is to never, ever smoke again and never, ever feel like smoking because there is no more smoking interest, temptation, urge or craving in the quitter, it means that the quitter’s target is successful quitting – and not just quitting a little or for a short while.

As smoking is a pretty complex process involving a learned conditional reflex that’s perpetuated and transformed into habit because of the addiction built in all smokers by the drug called nicotine, successful quitting supposes to fast quit both tobacco and nicotine. While quitting both, it is also quitted the addiction, which makes disappear the interest and the attraction for cigars and cigarettes and brings the freedom for all successful quitters. quit smoking successfuly = quit t&n addiction


Quitter’s decision to give up smoking, plus a clear and correct target established from the beginning saves precious time, makes quitting not only successful but also fast and minimizes the efforts to get rid for ever of an unpleasant, stinking, old fashioned, unwanted habit . 

Tips for a good start 

More tips for a successful quitting

27 thoughts on “STEP BY STEP ONE: SET TARGET

  1. Very good and clarifing to take it step by step. I hardly wait to read the 10th step of successfuly escaping the grips of nicotine ! 🙂

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  4. Uau! This plan is original! I’ve sent the link to my far away friend who’s been trying to quit for years. Need an idea for an extra backup to make him try again.

  5. GREAT step by step plan for quitters!
    In a plan for smokers their first step should be to step out from their world of lies and set all their will power to want – and become very willing – to give up the nicotine dependence.
    I stopped smoking 10 years ago after a heart attack and I can’t believe it was me the one stupidly enjoying all those lies of all those criminal cigarettes.

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  8. VERY COMPLEX this target. I’ve never aimed so much when trying to quit smoking before. I’ll follow this time your plan and I’m very anxious to see if I get more than few weeks without tobacco.

  9. Sorry ! That’s too much for me. From the first step it’s clear I don’t aim to stop smoking now, and definetly not this way. I’m not ready.

  10. THANKS for all the things I could read on your site.
    Keep sharing and have – all of you who write and read here – great celebrations and a bounty 2015!

  11. MERRY CHRISTMAS and keep on sharing with us things about giving up the miserable habit of smoking and ABUSIVELY obliging everyone around to pasively do the same thing in the same time.

  12. So interesting! I don’t think I’ve truly read something like that before.

    So great to find another person with unique thoughts on this topic.
    Seriously.. thanks for starting this up. This site
    is something that is needed on the web: originality!

    • If someone is in fire – and all smokers are, even if they ignore it – I choose to help right away, not to blame, not to discuss and analyze moral aspects, not to call others, not to film him while burning…
      If I were in your shoes and wanted to help, not to blame, I would send a link to this site to all the smokers I know.

  13. Ok. Maybe I’m not 100% right.
    Any way, this first step is so difficult and so complicated that makes all the others useless. At least for me and my friends. Don’t you have something, less abrupt and easier to start ?

  14. Here it is an easier way to start : 1)have a look on this:
    having in mind to discover and write down your own personal reasons to quit tobacco and nicotine. For your own list of reasons you can get inspired from
    and also from 2)
    We keep in touch. After you’ve seen=read attentively all 3 links indicated above and after you’ve started your list, give a sign and we’ll see what’s next best for you.

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