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admiration & respect for quiters of tobacco and nicotineYou want to stop smoking for good (and for the last time, even if it’s the first…), you want to be free of your t&n addiction, you want to be a successful quitter without relapses and you want it fast.

You say “fast”.

What do you think about NOW? I mean, QUIT NOW, at this moment!STEP BY STEP 2 OF THE NEW, 2014 TOP TEN STEPS TO FAST QUIT tobacco and nicotine

You have to admit that NOW is faster than tomorrow or any other later moments. Any fast quit starts right now. Just think to the very many lost days and moments when you did not know and you were not aware of what you are aware now, all those days and moments that added distance between you and your success. (Yes. That’s right. Successful quitting attracts and brings general success in many departments of life. As they say for ages: “nothing succeeds like success”.)

Besides, why to postpone and waste the wonderful NOW as far as you are determined to quit?

The faster you do,

the better for you

and for the others, too.

With every free of t&n, voluntary moment and every not smoked cigarette or cigar, you come closer to the aimed success and make all things easier and faster.

Every light up, also every single inhalation from a cigarette confirms and strengthens the t&n addiction built in time. On the other hand every skipped t&n dose – as expression of your firm decision to quit and as part of an assumed Quitting Plan – weakens and starts to erase the path of the addiction. (Why a quitting plan and not simply quitting? In order to avoid the endless story of intended and failed quittings and secure a successful, life-long t&n freedom.)

Speaking of successful plans and choosing the fastest, the  TOP TEN STEPS TO FAST QUIT t&n, you quit now, you start – and if possible complete – as many steps as you can and, as soon as you have all of them started, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow the whole quitting Plan is set ready to bring you in the position of a successful quitter, free of the t&n addiction for good.

Do not hesitate! The best moment for wise decisions and actions is NOW. Do it now, once and for ever. QUIT NOW the t&n addiction!QUITTING NOW t&n IS A WISE DECISION

15 thoughts on “STEP BY STEP 2 , NOW IT WILL DO

  1. I feel I am not ready to stop smoking. I know I should
    but for the time being…I’m sure I can’t make it if I’m not too willing because I’m not ready and I prefer to not even try…
    Any advice ?

    • The difference between what you feel and what you know comes from the nicotine addiction that, in your case does not controll YET the whole brain. A total addiction makes smokers dismiss even the idea of quitting and consider themselves happy and proud of their t&n dependence.
      Click the blue words of this article, read everything and after that, welcome to tell us why do you want to become a new, successful t&n quitter.

  2. RIGHT to the point ! Right now is trully nearer than any future quitting date!
    All determined quitters should follow you. Now !

    • You are dam’ right. They should have stopped long before, but better now than too late, when tobacco is going to show its real face and all no smokers are going to become the perfsonal merciless opposers of all those who have intoxicated everyone for so long.

      • My point is that I hate smokers, I have to tolerate them all around-at work, included- and very often (like now) I can not bear it and I have to tell someone about it. Someone wise enough to not insult non smokers and not advice them to start smoking if they can’t stand the smoke anymore

  3. OR even better, dear Tiky B: it would have been better to stop before starting… If they had had info sources like this site, it would have been also easy to not accept and say NO to smoking and becoming t&n addicted.

  4. How should I persuade my old friend, without being intrusive and without affecting our old friendship and without having my sugestion rejected that he must give up nicotine ?

  5. Serve him in a nice, creative, different way each day, one by one all the tens of rasons – from the posts and pages of this site – to get free of the drug addiction.

  6. I’ve got it but now it’s not possible for me to stop. I still have exams and I want to pass them all. What’s the nearest best moment to try to quit smoking for real?

  7. Thanks a lot. You were 100% correct. I live well’n I’m confortable without nicotine. No tobacco since the beginning of this year and without any other addiction (social media,either :)… ). Thanks again’n keep on posting to help smokers and quitters alike.

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