Dear Quitter, It’s A Lot About Them


In the past you started your t&n addiction because of them. Now, when you’ve decided to get rid once and for ever of the nasty habit, tell them and – yes, them ! – write them about the new you, thus making them help you fast become tobacco & nicotine free.

If you are not very sure about them, we unconditionally sustain your quitting initiative and you can start writing here, on this site telling the world, telling them that, from now on you are a successful quitter and they have to consider and honor the new you.

step by step 3 of the 10 top best steps to quit amoking tobacco & nicotine for ever

Do you remember? You smoked your first cigarette because of them. (Of course, it was not only because of them, but that’s not the point of this article to focus on all the causes that transformed you into an addicted ex-smoker.) You saw them smoking, you heard them tempting you to try, you believed them when they told you how great and chic it was, you followed them, you wanted to be like them, you became like them – sort of… – buying from them and paying them for the highly addictive, legal drug provided to you and to all other t&n smokers, all over the world.

You made them – well, some of them – very rich. You continued all those years with the t&n addiction because of them – because of what they did and because of what they didn’t…

Now, when you’ve firmly taken the decision to quit smoking and become tobacco & nicotine free, you are absolutely legitimate to tell “them” – speaking and writing, drawing and painting, mimicking or singing, playing or interpreting and in all other imaginable ways – about your strong decision to stop the t&n addiction for good, transforming “them” into your partners during the quitting process.

You’ll say that’s about different “them”.

Of course, you are right. There are different “them” in this story and they have to be different in order to be sure of your success to give up t&n and never relapse. to write&tell everyone about the decision to quit the addiction to tobacco & nicotine

The point is that not only smoking t&n is a social habit with a major social dimension. Quitting t&n has also an important social dimension, benefiting all people around the world, smokers and never-smokers – not only those around the quitter. Successful quitting can be achieved faster if you, as a quitter tell and write as many people from as many places as you want about what you are changing in your new, cleaner and healthier t&n free life.

You tell them and in the same time you repeat yourself. They answer and thus they give more echo to your own tobacco & nicotine quitting decision, confirming you once more.

And there is more impact that you can imagine. When you tell/write others about your quitting resolution it’s like a public promise that makes you even more committed to be successful. On the other hand it is not only about getting social and informing the others. The more people – and places – you declare yourself as a successful quitter, better for you because it means more times when you remind yourself about and reinforce your no addiction purpose.

The brain arias coordinating the writing skill are not identical with the ones controlling speech, thus it’s meaningful and very helpful to both write and speak about your choice to be t&n free. The other ways of communication involve even more cerebral zones, more neurons and more synapses among these noble cerebral cells .wise communication makes quitting tobacco and nicotine faster and


The more arias of your own brain ( brain that’s partly controlled by the addiction to the very drug you want to cut ) you make aware and active in sustaining your wise t&n quitting decision, the easier and faster becomes the whole quitting process. Do not miss any of the TOP 10 STEPS and in no time you will be tobacco & nicotine free!


  1. Hey, you’re right. It is THEM. AND I’LL BEAT’EM right away !
    I quit and I take you all to witness my steps. From this moment I do not smoke any more!

    Andrew John L, himself 🙂

  2. Andrew, I join the club. 😀
    Those of today were the last cigarettes. Viva la libertad without any kind of drugs in my life!

    Tricia Evans, herself 🙂

  3. Me neither, dear Google! I have to admit I hate it. And I hate smokers’ insolence to oblige everyone around to share their disgusting habit.

    • I am a smoker but I’ve always asked everyone if they allow me to smoke and I’ve always respected non smokers opinion and choice. But I think that I have to apologize in the name of all smokers and in front of all
      those ofended because non smokers need to be protected and they have that sacred right. Not only that I hope to be escused in the eyes of all nonsmokers, but I am ready to rise and fight for their right.
      The hidden part of this: I hope to tollerance for myself and all those who strugle with the drug…

  4. I’ve never seen things this way. You’re right. We can expand a little and say that for all addictive drugs. Social pressure (plus a drink or two…)overcomes often education, decency, fear, everything.
    Warning for all those clean of nicotine – or any other add. drug – of all ages, genders, backgrounds and financial levels. Make everyone aware and give them the link to this article! Or better, the link to this entire site.

  5. The paradox is that most smokers don’t want at all to become tobacco and nicotine free, while most passive smokers – who hate smoking – would be the happyest to live in a tobacco and nicotine free world.:D

  6. I guess most of the relapsers don’t really want to quit smoking. They 40% want, 50%, anyway under 90%. From 90% commitment, successful quitting is 95% sure. It was my case and six other’s I know. We all struggled a lot and for long. Without the personal quitting list of reasons we would have struggled even today… 🙂

  7. I guess it’s difficult to stop cigarettes if you are not ready to do so. Here I’ve found something that could help (and make quitters smile) more than imagined on any of the TOP 10 quitting steps : zen style

  8. …Or maybe they are too BUSY to think seriously to what they say they can not achieve… 🙂
    D’or Fev, I liked zen style but for my clients TOP 10 really worked for first time quitters as well as for old quitters with multiple relapses in their past.

  9. Thanks, che.
    My point is that things are not at all clear for the huge majority of the smokers. They’ve not the slightest idea what are they in and what’s needed to get out of the nicotine addiction; that image seemed very suggestive for the absurd situation most relapsers are obliged to live.

  10. I guess, Nike, and everyone here :
    you don’t have anything against
    quitting to just quit (and relapse)
    and – in stead of that – starting to quit successfully, once and for the rest of quitter’s entire life…

  11. I know why I don’t manage to stay away from cigarettes. I simply temporarily forget to stay away. After a while without them, I wake up in the morning and restart smoking as if I had never decided to quit and never stopped. Then, in the evening I remember, but… It has happened very many times…Memory supplements did not help.

  12. I guess this may help : FIRST when my brother had to quit smoking, after failing a couple of times I brought him a poster with his fav Harley Davidson and I asked him to write on it why did he want to quit before putting the poster on the ceiling, above his bed. SECOND I convinced him to stay away from reddit.
    It worked and his last cigarette was 2 years ago.

  13. I GUESS you’re right, Jack Don about not wasting time with reddit if you really want to stop smoking. They are too eclectic and they promote e-cigs. But why did you ask your bro to stay away from reddit?

  14. My bro had failed quitting too many times when he followed reddit. I wanted to help him change failure into success. And I did it. And he did it, too.

  15. HAPPY ! HAPPY ! HAPPY ! I DID IT ! After more than 20 fails now I’m nicotine free & tobacco free ! Thanks ! Thanks a lot ! Thank you very much !

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