But Don’t Be Overconfident.  trust yourself but don't be overconfident ;if you overeveluate, you may fail


NO MORE NICOTINE means no more tobacco, no more smoking, no more invitations for the nastiest, for the most painful and the most horrible illnesses related with cigarretes.

NO MORE NICOTINE means also no more addiction to nicotine, no more intrusive brain control through nicotine, no more wrong thinking and wrong decisions because of nicotine, no more nicotine related health dangers. 

Dear Quitter 

Congratulations for your wise decision to quit nicotine and tobacco !

You have already taken successfully 3 steps of your TOP TEN QUITTING PLAN: the first step confirmed your decision, the second was about timing, the third about communicating your wise decision to everyone. Thus you are closer to your victory against the nicotine addiction.

The fourth step of your top 10 plan -and of your way- to quit smoking successfully is about TRUST, about trusting yourself, trusting your wise decision to give up tobacco & nicotine and trusting your ability to do it now, for good and without relapses. It is also about trusting the people who want you to become a successful quitter, free of the nicotine addiction for the rest of your life, about trusting your plan and your means to make your quitting plan come true.

When you start to discover the knowledge and the information gathered in tens of years about the unwanted effects of smoking, of tobacco & nicotine upon health, upon body and brain, upon the long term wellbeing it is like waking up after a too long sleep. When you get awaken, you begin to realize the dimensions of the error induced by nicotine and the huge need for truth, for correcting that error, for giving up for ever tobacco and nicotine and becoming a successful quitter.

This success can be achieved easily if you stay alert, stick to your plan to not smoke, no matter what…,keep your LIST and your BESTS at hand and keep in mind an important detail.nicotine addiction tries to catch back the quitter 99% of failures happen because it’s ignored the important detail that giving up the temptation to smoke just a little – very little, one single puff – is enough to ruin your quitting plan and make you go back to the smoker position, before climbing your first quitting step. That’s because the intake of nicotine reactivates immediately all brain circuits of the addiction, cancells all your previous efforts to quit smoking successfully and pushes you to return to the old habit.

In other words overconfidence can lead to failure. The good part is that as far as you are warned, you can easily prevent that, do not waste precious time and continue to climb your quitting steps of your TOP TEN QUITTING PLAN to successful quitting tobacco & nicotine.

 step by step 4, nicotine no more




17 thoughts on “STEP BY STEP FOUR, nicotine NO MORE

  1. What about lack of confidence? My son is after failure 13 to give up smoking. He’s in a permanent hurry, very impatient with himself and all the others around. I was sent to your site but I’m not sure what could I do to help my son give up smoking

  2. If I were you, MOM, I’d search here to find the articles that might match/be interesting for your son and I’d send him one link to one article at a time, plus your thoughts about that and I would ask him afterwards what’s his opinion about what you’ve sent and if he finds that useful for convincing a girl to quit her addiction to tobacco & nicotine.

  3. Dear MOM
    I think it’s ok to do the same with images you can find on this site: copy/paste/send your smoking son one image, the link to the article containing the image and later ask him about it. Tell me if it works.

  4. Have you tried to say in less words your advices? Most smokers don\t have patience to read all your stuff …The nicotine is working, you know,,,

  5. Samuel, you’re right, nicotine is working fast. The paradox of fast quitting consist in abundant, detailed info leading to fast success. The more good quitting stuff, the faster and steadier the victory against nicotine and against the tobacco addiction.

  6. Trust is very difficult to get these days…Trust myself and my need to smoke or trust those who warn about smoking, without ever have tried a cigarette in their life…

  7. I try for some years to quit. Now I’m studying your top 10 and this seems the most difficult step for me: to trust. How could I trust as far as I failed so many times?

  8. Dear Jers,
    You could trust the part of yourself that is not controlled by nicotine; I mean that part of yourself that makes you still want to quit tobacco and nicotine and search a safe, doable plan to get it.

  9. Trust, you say. Too hard to find some. I can not find any if I look inside. Outside alike. There is no one around me I could trust. Where else to look for trust ?

  10. You ask about sources of inside TRUST. THERE ARE PLANTY. Consider the wonderful, perfect, wise, enduring HEART that works for you day and night. You can trust your HEART 100% as far as you are alive and you do not hurt it too much, for too long and above your heart’s capacity to accept it.
    May I ask what’s your relationship with tobacco and nicotine ?

  11. For Gassia’s lack of trust in the outer world: if you are a smoker or a quitter, or an exsmoker, you can trust the people on this site; all of us; we will always advice you well, in your best interest.

  12. You’re right ! Overconfidence explain the huge failure rate of intended quitting. Overconfidence and too little info about the phenomena.

  13. Scary image. Too many people made of ashes. It gives me nightmares. On the other hand, I’ve got your ‘TRUST’ point. You’re right. It’s so easy to ruin hard work with a single puff…90% of smokers
    fail exactly that way. Sissiffic…Disappointing…Sad.

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