Every day of May is a perfect day to quit smoking tobacco & nicotine. The last day of May is even more.

On the 31st of May it is celebrated – since 1988 – the WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY: -when never-smokers ask why do so many people still smoke and never get a clarifying, acceptable answer; -when most smokers ask to be left alone and usually they really are; -when ex-smokers transformed into successful quitters feel proud to share their quitting experience and they are inspiring examples of winners in the every day life; -when some well-inspired smokers decide to quit and few put a real end to their tobacco & nicotine addiction. Therefore the whole month of May is excellent for sharing thoughts, ideas, experience about and around quitting tobacco & nicotine. Everyone concerned about this subject is VERY WELCOME to tell, to ask, to answer.

write about quitting the addiction to tobacco & nicotineThis invitation is actually permanent and not limitted to the month of May.  There are many quitters-in-the-making who aim to be successful (this time) and never return to cigarettes. Maybe your words, your ideas – and only yours – can help them find sooner and easier what they are looking for.

Don’t be shy! The reply & comment aria is yours.

19 thoughts on “INVITATION

  1. I stopped smoking 15 y ago because one morning I woke up and I could not see anything, anymore. Accident because of tobacco (25 cigs every day for almost 20y was the real cause),they told me. I got very frightened because of that; from that moment I did not want to see, smell, hear about or remember cigarettes. And I didn’t. I had several surgeries and I’ve recovered 70% of my previous normality. You’re right when you insist about knowledge & info about smoking. Before stopping tobacco, before the acci I was deaf to all the quitting advice. After the acci and after the surgeries I considered myself lucky because tobacco had not blinded me completely, for the rest of all my days. If I had Known, if I had understood, before starting to smoke, the risks that you -as a smoker- get as a “bonus” with each puff, my life could have been easier and far much better.

  2. I really admire your articles on this site. Never give up the good work, no matter how others try to discourage you. Here is my story:
    I quitted in 2003 ’cause doctors asked me to. It was after the first heart attack and I felt extremely weak, unable to say no and unwilling to ask why or to know more about my condition. Five months later, as soon as I recovered, I started smoking again, eager to recuperate and forget about heart attack, hospital, medication, diet, everything. In 2005 I had the second heart attack – while smoking . Without a very competent and insisting nurse, who lectured me many hours every day about the toxicity of tobacco, the power of nicotine and the need to be aware and very willing to quit smoking when you do it for good, I would have smoked even today if –very unlikely – I’d survived to write this. I was very rude to that creature – I should have apologized years ago – and my arrogant and complete ignorance about the subject made her a difficult life those days. The truth is that she saved my life and after a lot of work with the stubborn me, she made me think and act for myself, for my family, for my true friends and against nicotine.
    Thanks nurse ! I owe you my life!
    The truth – a general one, this time – is that there is never enough correct info about tobacco and nicotine in smokers’ minds and things should be taught & known from childhood, long before trying to smoke. The same applies to all addictive drugs.

  3. What if I take the title of this post and I INVITE ALL SMOKERS TO QUIT FOR GOOD and all quitters to stay for ever smoking free 🙂 ! Agree?

    • Of course ! 🙂 🙂 🙂 And it’s not only about me. For each smoker in the world there are at least 2 nonsmokers who dislike cigarettes, passive smoking, etc. who would give you a big hug for your very well inspired INVITATION. Add also the unborn kids who would thank you and all the successful quitters gratefully, as soon as the tiny ones arrive here, on our EARTH. 🙂

  4. Hi
    May I sugest you to translate into English the Spanish article about quitting without gaining weight from your Spanish ? I’m very interested about this subject and eager to see as many opinions as possible, in English included.

  5. Invitation to quit smoking. GREAT. The Earth and all smokers need it. They need support, patience, care, skill, info, everything. Wish you to reach them all !

  6. Thanks for invitation. I’ll take it. What’s next ? Seen already the links of this INVITATION and I wonder what’s the best to start with. I ‘ve been smoking tobacco for 20+ years.

  7. I’m very happy to read this. This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that is at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this greatest doc.

  8. I believe you have made some really fascinating points. Not too many others would actually think about this direction you just did. I am really impressed that there is so much about this subject that has been revealed and you made it so nicely, with so considerable class. Outstanding one, man! Very wonderful things right here.

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