by Dr GeV, international medical doctor and tobacco cessation expert


(6.1), (6.2), (6.3)

 The new, free of nicotine addiction life of the quitter starts with the first step of the TOP 10 FAST QUITTING PLAN and it has to be directed and strengthened properly, step by step in order to be sure of and enjoy a life lasting success .

Step 6 of TOP 10 FAST QUITTING PLAN is about removing whatever could delay successful tobacco & nicotine cessation . First of all it has to be removed the temptation to smoke that exists around the ex-smoker – the ex-smoker is, of course, that nice and extraordinary person that’s willing and ready to quit tobacco and nicotine for his or her life, for good, thus becoming a real t&n quitter. Who should want to remove that temptation and who should remove it ?

Dear quitter, YOU are the answer to both questions . That’s because YOU want to be tobacco and nicotine addiction free, YOU want to clean that dirt from your life, YOU want to be successful and YOU want it as quickly as possible. Therefore YOU want to escape that temptation and YOU do not want it and do not need it anymore. Besides YOU know better what makes YOU smoke and what should be removed first of all.

As already explained, quitting is more than stopping to smoke.

The 6th step of the TOP 10 FAST QUITTING PLAN includes removing the temptation by (6.1) removing objects like cigarettes, packs of cigs, ashtrays, buts, etc.  from quitter’s sight. Visual contact with cigarettes and smoking related objects is a reminder of the “duty” to smoke. Removing all those objects from quitter’s surroundings makes quitting easier and faster. Obviously, what you do not see, is less present that something you see all the time, everywhere.

Other people smoking and the places where smoking is permitted must be avoided.

That’s not only because they are (6.2) big sources of temptation, but also because they make you smoke indirectly the others’ cigarettes, even if you do not light your own, thus cancelling all your efforts to give up the stinking habit – there is no quitting t&n while smoking – and obliging you to go back to step one. Let’s do not forget that smoking is a social habit that was first seen at other smokers, before being imitated and transformed into personal addiction.

Step 6 is also about (6.3) removing the effects of using tobacco and nicotine from quitters’ environment – removing smells, stains, etc. and doing a complete cleaning up.

clean tobacco


Dear quitter, you start with what’s faster and at hand, scheduling for the next days, weeks etc. whatever needs helpers and more time to be completed. Such general cleaning includes the housethe carthe working place and cannot omit ALL the things you use. The more new things in your new, real quitter life,  things that you did not have/use while still being a smoker, the better. The old smoke of the old cigarettes has penetrated everything – literally EVERYTHING – around the old you – all old gadgets, included – and that smoke can be a trigger for unwanted cravings as well as a temptation reminding the old, stinking habit. 

The smell and the pervasive presence of the old cigarette smoke all around the new quitter is also the sign that quitting at its 6-th step is a process in the making that needs to be attentively and completely worked to life lasting success.                                        to be continued



  1. Quitting is more than stopping to smoke, of course! It’s stopping to smoke plus stopping to feel like smoking, to think, imagine and dream about smoking.

  2. Welcome back with posts. We’ve missed you and we’ve crossed fingers to read continuation of the detailed steps of TOP 10. Thanks a lot and do not stop posting !

  3. EVEN IF YOU CAN NOT AVOID HAZARD, you can stay away or run away from passive smoking, which is still smoking… Passive smokers are not quitters, even if they do not light up their own cigarettes. Passive smokers are …smokers; involuntary smokers, maybe, but still smokers…

  4. I think quitters have no cravings. At all. And no regrets. I still have cravings and I know I’m not yet a quitter, even if I do not use any nicotine(and any other drugs) for some time. What do you think about acupuncture against cravings?

  5. I’ve quitted for a year using TOP 10 here plus acupuncture as soon as I had my personal motivation list, I mean from day 3. It worked perfectly for me. Zero cravings, zero relapses, as it was for all the other folks who had done it the same way. Tip: use professional acupuncturists. You’ll know from the first session if the accup is good. If he or she is professional, you’ll forget about smoking, you’ll feel great after session and – with a complete personal motivation list – you’ll have no cravings at all.

  6. How many acupuncture sessions have you had in the beginning, after the 3rd day of starting your quitting top 10 plan ? Do you still have acup now?

  7. Hi guys, interesting website here. I have been reading here for a while and just wanted to say hi.
    Perhaps you are interested in my blog about cleaning tutorials and the best cleaning life hacks on the web.

    Kind regards,


  8. Dear Gashy
    For Klem there were 12 initial acupuncture sessions in 12 consecutive days and then he went to needles for one session at season’s changes (because he liked the acupuncturist, not because of cravings or other quitting related issues). In other cases we’ve heard about 6 or 10 initial acupuncture sessions with some few later sessions – or without any, but with successful quitting, all of those cases.

  9. What are the chances for a forgetful smoker – quits in the evening, restarts when he wakes up – to quit this year for real ?

  10. The YIN ROOSTER made of fire helps tobacco & nicotine quitting for good. This rooster makes all the necessary noise to not let you forget anymore your aim to quit.

  11. 2017 is good for quitting, but less favorable than last year. Anyway, you can not quit if you do not honestly want to and you do not have a good quitting plan.

  12. Regarding first cleaning, I’d start with cleaning mouth and teeth, the most affected parts by everyday – and sometimes every hour – smoking.

  13. Clean the memory first! Remove the smoking memories, through hypnosis, for instance and quitting will be easy and fast for every determined quitter.

  14. Happy Valentine”s Day! I’ve enjoyed a lot your post about Valentine. Thanks! I’m following you since January because I want to quit, but I’m not sure yet about the manner and the moment. I’d very much appreciate your point of view about that.

  15. Torimo, if you could see the inside of the blood and limph vessels of the new quitter, you’d doubt about cleaning priorities…

  16. They smoke outside, in the open almost everywhere. How could you avoid smoke and smokers while you are waiting for the bus or the train ?

  17. One more question : how can you avoid your mates who smoke, as far as you have to interact with them at least 8 hours per day, 5-6/7 ?


  18. I reiterate my yesterday question plus a new one: how do you suggest to avoid cigarettes smoke accumulated in the air, at low heights ? Do not misunderstand me that I disagree with the article.
    Not at all. Thinks make lot of sense the way they are put here. But questions also make sense…:)

  19. Tomorrow is the flowers’ day. By the way, are there flowers or plants able to clean the air filled with cigarettes smoke?

  20. plants link
    Dear Bjon,
    Today, on the flowers’ day, you’ll find in the link above info about plants and flowers able to clean the air polluted with smoke of tobacco.
    Enjoy !

  21. Dicen que ya no existe y no se celebra todavia el día del ex-fumador…


    ¿Cuándo se sugiere celebrar el día de escapar para siempre del tabaquismo?

    Yo propongo el 31 de mayo. ¿Pros? ¿Cons?

    • I sugest every day! Never to soon to initiate an international, permanent movement against tobacco and nicotine, untill every smoker gets it…


  22. When do you complete this sixth step ? Soon ? Hope so. I bet on some new possible elements on your continuation and I die to know if and how much do I win ! Please, hurry !

  23. Hi there, just become aware of your blog thru Google, and found that it is truly informative. I am going to watch out for brussels. I will be grateful if you continue this in future. A lot of other folks will likely be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

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