All the BEST REASONS TO QUIT SMOKING agreed (veery modestly…) that they were, they are and they will always be the very best present for quitters all over the world, no matter if it is about beginners who quit smoking for the first time or it’s about well experienced quitters who have already stopped innumerable times.

They chose Christmas for the nearest delivery prosperityof the best present for quitters and they organized a Santa Claus open contest.

 Tens of candidates dressed up and filled the plaza longer before the event.


The initial selection was very long and each candidate tried hard to convince that he, she or it was (the best one to deliver) the best present for quitters.

 The BEST REASONS TO QUIT SMOKING have been nicely impressed and they are still evaluating the pictures and the presentation words of the selected Santas :Santa Claus smoking

Santa 36: The best present-with ambition and for free.

 Santa with pipe and glasses

Santa 88:  The present will be offered with magic glasses for LEARNING and understanding. 





Santa 20: Ho! Ho! Ho! Good Health!  Good Luck!classy Santa

 Good Money!




Santa Family: The best present will be delivered with respect and consideration, a kiss and a hug:family for Xmas

Santa 66: The best present, tact and passion:

               SEXI SANTA


Santa 12: Besides the best present for quitters, a lot of care and attention:


Santa 8: Top best present for quitters and a for-ever-faithful friendship:

FRIENDSHIP  best X-mas present

Santa 70: Best present, abundance and generosity:


Santa 25: The best present for quitters plus love and hope:

                         BEST&NICEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT

Santa 99: I’ll give to the quitters THE BEST REASONS TO QUIT SMOKING with a thank you and a happy smile:


Have a brightful, serene Christmas !

8 thoughts on “BEST X-mas PRESENT FOR QUITTERS

  1. This site and this way of putting things honestly answered my difficulty, thank you! Better later than too late!

  2. I was nicely impressed to discover that your TOP BEST REASONS 2 QUIT-and the whole site – are also a best present any time for sb-like my bros-who needs to quit before his 30th birthday. Many thanks from Mia&Khaled Kann

  3. yes; this was the best I could present her; you were right as long as, since I’ve given her the link to this site she hasn’t touched any cigartte; thanks and fingers crossed to be also a last quitting trial before a new life without
    smoking anything; any idea to make this sure, no matter what happens in the future?

    • For instance you could discuss with her one different quitting reason everyday, congratulate and encourage her and you could offer her a nice NET immage for each day without smoking. Consider also the TOP TEN fast quitting plan.

  4. If I were you, dear owner of this site, I would change the title and make it much expanded to any ocasion of giving presents & gifts.

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