We are an international group of volunteers of different ages and backgrounds, coordinated by tobacco cessation experts and ready to offer individual and group support to all t&n quitters, smokers, ex-smokers and never smokers who write us about t&n related issues. 



You have some e-addresses and also the LEAVE A REPLY form where you can contact us, write your opinions, your questions and all your comments about smoking, about giving up tobacco,  about this site, its content and any other related aspects. Soon after sending us a t&n related message you‘ll receive our feedback.

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  2. Please, list me among your fans and followers of your TOP 10. I was looking for long a good trigger to help me stop. I’ve found it here. That’s my step 3 public statement. Thanks a lot !

  3. Thank you very, very much ! Extremly useful things on your pages,here. I used them for my pa’ to convince him to give up smoking. He has stopped in May, following your site; he’s very well and he’s now convinced to never touch nicotine anymore and tell everyone about the incredibly huge misery behind the “need and pleasure” to light up .


    • Dear TRICIA
      You had your answer that very day plus some useful links. Your mail was complete, very stylish and because of that, MUCH too long. For every one who writes us: please, always be CONCISE and SPECIFIC!

  5. Where could I get a faster response from your site, on this page or under the article I want to ask about ?
    I loved the idea with THEM TO BE MADE RESPONSIBLE .

  6. We wish all of you The best Chrismas and New Year and to keep on with this site! You can not imagine how useful it can be…

  7. HI !
    TODAY IS THE BIG DAY: my first NO TOBACCO DAY. Fingers crossed to finish reading TOP 10 and to live only NO TOBACCO DAYS FROM now, on. For step 9 what do you tell me about the electronic cigarette? And about the replacement therapy ?

    • Both the electronic cig and the replacement therapy continue to offer nicotine to the quitter, keeping him a nicotine addict. The credo of TOP 10 and of this site is that the real quitting is only the triple one that interrupts not only the use of any form of tobacco, but also of any form of nicotine, thus weakening and discontinuing the drug addiction (nicotine is a verry addictive drug, stronger than heroine, according to many scientists). No drug addiction means no relapses and no smoking of tobacco restarted after a while, as it happens in too many cases after the replacement therapy as well as after changing to e-cigs.
      Conclusion: Dear Aramis, I wish you good luck! Forget about the e-cig and the replacement therapy if you want to be a real and a successful quitter for your whole life. Stick to TOP 10– you won’t be disappointed – read all the tips and the articles on this site and drop here whenever you need support.

  8. There are, for sure, some who’d love to get rid of tobacco for real. I’m one of them. I’ve never smoked & I’d love to get rid of the tobacco that surrounds and follows me on streets, in bus stations, at the entrances of Smarkets, etc.

  9. I wish everyone realized how stupid and bad is spending time and money on tobacco. I wonder if such a wish matches Santa’s plans…

  10. Besides tobacco industry, there is the addiction. Can you imagine one badly addicted to nicotine caring about warnings, about wasting time and money?

  11. You imply that we are doomed to live on a smokers’ planet. Sorry but I still trust humanity. I think that spending a little bit more in educating people – of all ages – against smoking tobacco and nicotine could reverse things in less than 5 years.

  12. Dear Rhonda
    Volunteer an antismoking campaign in your aria, stick some ads informing all potential quitters where could they find assistance.

  13. Thanks for suggestions. The Mayor smokes, as well as most of his councilors. I’ve never – in the last 3 years, since I live here – seen any antismoking campaign around. Last week I’ve got new neighbors. All smoke. I hate them because of that. I like the flat I live in and I do not want to move. Life can be very smoky and I hate that, too. More ideas?

  14. If you don’t want to move from your home and you can’t stand them smoking, make them, the smokers move and leave that place.

  15. Agree with Boggus. If there is no near perspective to make them all give up smoking – send them the link to this site to test – make them leave and take their smokes with them.

  16. I need some recommendation for my girl friend who wants to discontinue her 10 years smoking, starting from Valentine’s. Please, help !

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  18. Hello! This is my 1st short comment here. Good stuff here, useful & interesting. How could I help, how could I get involved in helping quitters stay away from their vice? I’ll appreciate any idea. Thanks!

  19. You could spread the word, sending a link to this site to all those who may benefit from following the advice we offer here.
    You could visit, like and share :
    You could also try to answer to the recent unanswered questions here. If your answers are appreciated, you can pass to the next level and we’ll let you know.

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