Dear quitters

Dear smokers

Dear ex-smokers

Dear never smokers 


Here you can find the top best reasons to quit smoking, to give up tobacco and nicotine for ever, to remain tobacco free for the rest of your life and to stay away from cigarettes and all tobacco products, no matter your age, sex, color, preferences, religion, education, banking account, success and popularity. 

Actually it is not difficult to quit smoking. Even most of the passionate smokers agree that they give up smoking every night when they go to sleep…

In order to be successful this time / from the first attempt and stop tobacco and nicotine for ever it is very useful to consider carefully your aim, to pay attention to details and have as many as possible rock-solid best reasons to quit smoking.

Strong motivation is the good key to any gate to success. Your own quit smoking reasons have to be personalized and reflect your own situation and condition, your likes and dislikes, your preferences. Besides your list of best reasons, it is wise for you to have also a complete strategy and a competent support for all the aspects of your endeavor that might need supplementary assistance. Here you can find even a top best quitting plan integrating all the above with the declared purpose to make things go as fast and smooth as possible for quitters. 

All the information you can find on these pages is based on scientific evidence, it is double checked and meant to guide anyone to find/choose/personalize the own, personal best reasons to quit the addiction to tobacco & nicotine and to help everyone take the best informed decisions about smoking and smokers, about cigarettes and addictive drugs.  

The more you know, the more you need to know and the easier the contact with your deeper, real, good and pure SELF that will always suport your good decision and your efforts to make it come true.



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9 thoughts on “ABOUT

    • 1) To read( to be read/told by sb else) all the top best reasons to quit smoking.
      2) To be told (by non smokers) every other day that the best thing he/she can do for him/herself is
      to quit smoking.

  1. Thanks for putting things this way and not making smokers – like my sister – run away when reading around tobacco. Actually she seemed interested and this means there is hope for her-and for us-to return to her non smoking life. GOD is good!

  2. Thanks a lot. TOP 10 has worked for me, too. I stopped on Dec 31 and now I’m a new one, a new person, as I’ve never been while smoking for my addiction. I’m very grateful and I’m ready to help others get rid of nasty tobacco.

  3. I’m impressed!

    Very useful information specially the last part 🙂 I
    care for such information a lot. I was seeking this particular information for a very long time.
    Thank you and good luck.

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