12) “You can smoke as long as you want to, you can stop smoking whenever you decide so” – that’s another huge tobacco lie. Actually you, dear smoker, smoke when your nicotine-affected brain screams for a new dose of nicotine. When you decide to stop smoking your tobacco addiction will continue to demand the drug and if it’s not given, it will make you feel in very many (extremely) unpleasant ways in order to convince/force you to smoke again. ( They did not tell you anything about that in the beginning of your smoker career…) Nicotine is usually very convincing and the number of those who quit smoking and remain nonsmokers is much smaller than the numbers of those who keep trying to quit at least once a year.

The battle against (any) addiction can be won, but it is not at all a piece of cake. All you needed when you started smoking was a cigarette, the example of other smoker(s) and some curiosity.

In order to be a for ever winner in the fight against your addiction you need a lot of competent information, precise motivation, determination and commitment. If all these are completed with a good strategy of quitting tobacco and a dedicated support to help you become free of your addiction and keep you away from it for the rest of your life, the success of achieving your target is all yours.

13) Tobacco lies the smokers and convinces them that they are mostly not hungry and can postpone or even skip meals whenever they want, replacing food with more tobacco. It is well known that all tobacco users have disturbed appetite that misleads them to ignore the daily, rhythmic activation of the digestive juices and to not care about the proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that need correct replacement every day. Tobacco also lies that the stomach aches, the burning sensation, the blood spitting with or without nausea and lassitude and also the large and wide opening towards all sort of sufferings have nothing to do with the above mentioned practice or with smoking…

14) Tobacco prompts tobacco users that junk food is better and more tasty than healthy food and colored, fizzy beverages are nicer than natural water or freshly squeezed fruit juices. Very many smokers believe those lies. Their taste and smell senses are already modified and diminished by smoking and their food related sensations are poorer and less accurate if compared with those of the nonsmokers.

It is notorious that most tobacco users avoid fresh fruit and vegetables, depriving themselves of very good natural sources of precious nutrients that also represent the most important allies in keeping all sort of diseases away. In stead of fresh fruit and vegetables smokers prefer heavy/ caramelized/ toasted/ burnt deserts or ice-creams. Some would correctly say that such diet preferences are dictated more by the tobacco addiction than by the free will of the smoker, himself.

15) “You are not thirsty. You do not need to replace the whole water consumed by the body every day.” That is another tobacco lie smokers take it as truth. Because of the tobacco addiction and also because of the brain mild dehydration itself that changes the normal activity of the neurons, the brain of the smoker misinterprets or ignores the signals of dehydration – as it does with many other important signals – of the body and the thirst sensation is answered with a new dose of smoke and of nicotine.

Some of the most visible signs of long time dehydration are the permanent wrinkles, the darkening and the dryness of the skin. Everyone notices that the permanent wrinkles of the smokers are deeper and appear at very early ages if compared with those of the nonsmokers.

Short after quitting tobacco, not only appetite but also normal thirst come back and the teeth, gums, tongue and skin recover their healthy, natural aspect.

>16) Couch potatoes or fond of practicing sports?

Fit or fatty, smokers belong from the beginning – or shift soon after starting to use tobacco – to the couch potato category. Tobacco lies the smokers that physical exercise is not necessary for the well-being and it is even detrimental (?!?) to the body.

Smokers believe such a lie and slower or faster become sedentary, some times more sedentary that they used to be. One of tobacco’s argument that sustains the above lie is the fact that smokers become tired and they can not breath properly after smaller physical efforts than the people who do not smoke and have the same physical condition. The smokers tend to avoid physical exercise because they consider it trouble causing and uncomfortable.

It is well known that physical exercises stimulate circulation in veins, arteries and lymphatic vessels as well, train the muscles and the joints, unlock blocked energies, improve metabolism and all functions of the body. In order to get all these benefits an extra amount of oxygen (O2 )is needed, O2 that is carried in the blood by a carrier – hemoglobin – massively blocked with carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide from the tobacco smoke. If O2 does not reach the tissues in proper quantities, at the suitable moment, tiredness appears. All the respiratory efforts made to take more air and more O2 from the air prove to be useless and unsuccessful because of the blocked O2 carrier mentioned above and the not informed smoker concludes that physical exercise is unpleasant and not desirable.


  1. Very good list. I can find another reason : for the unborn baby;
    and another one : for all the kids in the smoker’s family;
    RIGHT ?

    • Absolutely right !

      There is information related with the smoking impact on the smokers’ offspring on the page with more top best reasons. But it is a very good idea to detail also the tobacco-lies regarding this topic. Thank you.

  2. OUTSTANDING. It should convince all smokers, everyone that smoking is not at all a sign of civilization.
    In spite of that, smokers stay blind and deaf to the obvious. Because…?

  3. Have you ever thought about adding a little bit more than just your
    articles? I mean, what you say is fundamental and everything.
    Nevertheless just imagine if you added some great pictures or video clips to
    give your posts more, “pop”! Your content is excellent but with images and video clips, this website could certainly be
    one of the best in its field.

  4. Excellent reasons to give up smoking. I’m looking for THE TRIGGER able to move my husband from his bad customs.I could not find any article here about triggers to quit smoking. Could anyone give me any clue about this subject ?

  5. Dear Sorry, Dear Marcy Chriss

    triggers to quit = strong reasons to make you throw away cigarettes on the spot

    The triggers you’re looking for are on this site and all around yourselves. Every smoker is different from the others and there isn’t one unique trigger to make everyone want to quit and quit smoking for real. Moreover, many smokers need nore than one trigger, they need a whole bunch of them to be ready to start with the first step of the TOP 10 FAST QUITTING PLAN.
    I’m sure you’ve read carefully ALL the 20 reasons=20 potential triggers for you on this page of this site, where we are now.
    There are other 14 HERE(click!)
    The TOP 10 quitting plan mentioned above contains also a sellection of 10 potential triggers.
    Read also all the blog articles related because they sugest you even more triggers.
    Pick those that have more impact on you, dear Sorry or on your husband, dear M C, personalize them and welcome to write and ask us again.

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  7. No change. I’ve tried also on many other sites and…nothing.
    I’m not at all impressed with all those cemetery images and those death sugesting messages against tobacco. They’re simply stupid.
    Sorry to bother you. I know I must quit, I’d like to, but I still do not find THAT thing to make me keep in mind what I should and stop once and for real.

    • Idea no 1: a visit to the nearest hospital, keeping in mind that smoking can cause & worsen any of the miseries seen there and that you do not want to keep the door largely open to any of those troubles in your life.
      Idea no 2 : Tell us here about your hospital visit.

  8. Very good this sum of reasons. Could you, please add more images. I’d like to send here my daughter and without images, she can not be kept more than few seconds. Please !

  9. You’ve promised more images. Please, hurry to place them. I want to convince my smoking son to have a look on your site for a while, but I do not dare to waste my words with him untill you do not have more images. If he sees only text, he runs away…

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