18) One of the biggest tobacco lies is the one that states that “smoking is just the smoker’s business and it has almost nothing to do with the others.” Nicotine is directly responsible for the arrogant and careless attitude of deliberately ignoring the others around the smoker. In fact scientific measurements have proved that only 15% of the smoke produced by any cigarette is enjoyed and avidly inhaled by the smoker. The rest of 85% or more from the smoke of any cigarette spreads around the smoker affecting all the people around and affecting dramatically the children. The smoke impregnates the pores of the skin, the hair, the beard, the eyebrows and the eyelashes, the mustache, the clothes, the hands of the smoker and of those non smokers who stay in a smoking environment. The toxic components of the smoke remain with the smoker all the time, not only during smoking. 40 of the mentioned components are proved to generate all sort of cancers. The smoke impregnates also the walls, the furniture, the tapestry, the carpets, the computers and laptops, all the objects existing in the private or public rooms/ halls/ bars and restaurants/ discos/ clubs/ cars/ vehicles where someone smokes occasionally or systematically.


  1. Tobacco lie no 19) :“Tobacco is not expensive.” Actually tobacco is VERY expensive because of the more or less hidden costs. Even if one cigarette is not very expensive, there is no smoker to limit to one cigarette. Smokers light up 5-10-20-40 times every day. If you multiply the number of the daily cigarettes with the number of days of the year and everything with the cost per smoked item, you’ll find out that you burn and transform literally into ashes a lot of money. It is very useful to do your exact calculation and find out how much, precisely do you spend for tobacco. (First conclusion: you are not poor at all and you are not affected by any financial crisis.) Question: Do you consider a good business to burn part of your money? No matter how rich or how young and inexperienced you might be, there are more appropriate and more reasonable uses for dollars, pounds, euros or any other currency of the whole planet Earth than to put them on fire.

Considering the business aspect, let’s see what do you get for the money invested in your daily tobacco use. You get short moments of pleasure/relaxation, you get the tobacco addiction, the guarantee that you will spend more and more money for and because of tobacco. You also get the sure consequence that sooner or later you’ll have much more health troubles that you already have. And not only you…For the health troubles, in order to fix them –if they can be fixed- you’ll have to pay not only with lots of money but also with time, frustration, regrets, anxiety, stress and so on.


  1. Very good list. I can find another reason : for the unborn baby;
    and another one : for all the kids in the smoker’s family;
    RIGHT ?

    • Absolutely right !

      There is information related with the smoking impact on the smokers’ offspring on the page with more top best reasons. But it is a very good idea to detail also the tobacco-lies regarding this topic. Thank you.

  2. OUTSTANDING. It should convince all smokers, everyone that smoking is not at all a sign of civilization.
    In spite of that, smokers stay blind and deaf to the obvious. Because…?

  3. Have you ever thought about adding a little bit more than just your
    articles? I mean, what you say is fundamental and everything.
    Nevertheless just imagine if you added some great pictures or video clips to
    give your posts more, “pop”! Your content is excellent but with images and video clips, this website could certainly be
    one of the best in its field.

  4. Excellent reasons to give up smoking. I’m looking for THE TRIGGER able to move my husband from his bad customs.I could not find any article here about triggers to quit smoking. Could anyone give me any clue about this subject ?

  5. Dear Sorry, Dear Marcy Chriss

    triggers to quit = strong reasons to make you throw away cigarettes on the spot

    The triggers you’re looking for are on this site and all around yourselves. Every smoker is different from the others and there isn’t one unique trigger to make everyone want to quit and quit smoking for real. Moreover, many smokers need nore than one trigger, they need a whole bunch of them to be ready to start with the first step of the TOP 10 FAST QUITTING PLAN.
    I’m sure you’ve read carefully ALL the 20 reasons=20 potential triggers for you on this page of this site, where we are now.
    There are other 14 HERE(click!)
    The TOP 10 quitting plan mentioned above contains also a sellection of 10 potential triggers.
    Read also all the blog articles related because they sugest you even more triggers.
    Pick those that have more impact on you, dear Sorry or on your husband, dear M C, personalize them and welcome to write and ask us again.

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  7. No change. I’ve tried also on many other sites and…nothing.
    I’m not at all impressed with all those cemetery images and those death sugesting messages against tobacco. They’re simply stupid.
    Sorry to bother you. I know I must quit, I’d like to, but I still do not find THAT thing to make me keep in mind what I should and stop once and for real.

    • Idea no 1: a visit to the nearest hospital, keeping in mind that smoking can cause & worsen any of the miseries seen there and that you do not want to keep the door largely open to any of those troubles in your life.
      Idea no 2 : Tell us here about your hospital visit.

  8. Very good this sum of reasons. Could you, please add more images. I’d like to send here my daughter and without images, she can not be kept more than few seconds. Please !

  9. You’ve promised more images. Please, hurry to place them. I want to convince my smoking son to have a look on your site for a while, but I do not dare to waste my words with him untill you do not have more images. If he sees only text, he runs away…

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