FOR UHow to use this site – the A, B, C – and the TOP best reasons to quit smoking in order to get the most of them and be 100% successful in your smoking related endeavor.

If it’s ONLY (too) fast – and not attentively and minutely planned and put into practice – it could be too superficial to grant your success.

You want to be successful, don’t you ?

A – Attentively R e a d i n g

Read attentively, as many times as needed  ALL the 34+ articles = top best reasons to quit smoking on all main pages called: TOP BEST REASONS TO QUIT SMOKING, MORE TOP BEST REASONS and TOP 10.

The better you know them, the more will help you to be successful.

You are welcome to express yourself and your opinions about (any) of the TOP best reasons to stop smoking using, for instance the CONTACT page sugestions.

B* – BEST L i s t i n g

Establish what are the top best reasons to give up smoking that apply to you and arrange them from the most to the less important reason according to your own priorities. You need a list of 12-34 (or more) top best reasons to quit smoking.

The longer and more complete the list, the better will resonate with the very many cells of your brain that are already controlled by nicotine and need to be convinced to support you to reverse the harmful addiction and go back to normality.


C* – Carefully P e r s o n a l i z i n g


LIST OF QUITTING BEST REASONSTake the chosen top best reasons from step 2 and transform them into your own top best reasons, adding your own and including personal facts and details.

Example a): If you have decided that the money aspect – tobacco lie no 19 – has to be in your personalized list, you could write something like :

< <Me, John the V-th I’ve burnt 4000-4500$ (put your real figures and currency after as precise calculation as you can) for cigarettes every of the latest five years and I could not afford the luxury cruise I have always dreamt for the holiday. Today,….(date of today), I decide to stop burning money for tobacco, I decide to spare the $ for cigarettes in an appropriate account/box/jar – my cruise-account/box/jar – and to make an early booking for my long desired summer luxury cruise.>>

In order to be really eficient and useful the first top best reason of any such LIST should be the own, PERSONAL decision to stop using cigarettes :

Example b):< “Today,…(date of today), I, Mary the VII-th have decided to quit smoking, to become tobacco and nicotine free and never ever smoke again. This is my will, that’s what I firmly want and my own decision is my first best reason to give up smoking for good.”>

After completing your personalized list of top best reasons to stop smoking – that brings 60-90% of your quitting success- make copies of your list and keep them at hand, in many visible, strategic places. 

For the rest of 10-40 % you need a complete strategy – use TOP TEN – and personal, competent support.**


Build your lot of GOOD LUCK

and ENJOY IT !



*Only for smokers, themselves; those who want to help  somebody else to quit smoking can assist, inspire, back up, talk to the smoker and should not try to initiate anything in stead of the smoker or in the smoker’s name; 

**It is about psychological support, some medical support – smoking t&n, beside being an addiction, it is also considered to be a chronic and atypical disease – and the support of a nonsmoking friend/relative/neighbor/coach who agrees and is available to help you, among other possible additional ways to be assisted on the way to  success.

See also STEP 9 of the TOP 10 QUITTING PLAN

The nearest “STOP SMOKING / TOBACCO CESATION” center covers usually most of your needs in regard with quitting and so do very many Internet sites.



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30 thoughts on “FOR YOU

  1. Is it ok if you do your perso list just in your mind, without writing it?
    I’ve broken my arms few days ago – moto accid – and I am commited to quit before healing.

    • Sorry for your accid. It’s absolutelly necessary to have your LIST written. You can record it on a voice recorder/mobile phone and than ask sb to write it, if you don’t dictate direcly your best reasons to quit t&n to the person who puts down your LIST for you.

    • Every quitter’s minimum is different. In order to be SURE about success, each quitter needs his/her own personal LIST.

  2. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d without a doubt donate to
    this brilliant blog! I suppose for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to
    my Google account. I look forward to new updates and will talk about this blog with my Facebook group.

    Chat soon!

  3. I’ve failed so many times and i’ve always restarted smoking tobacco. I wonder what chances to stop smoking for the last time I might have if I start your TOP TEN.
    Great site, by the way and the only one in the latest years that has made me write a comment and dare thinking again to a new attempt to say ADIEU to cigarettes.

    • Your chances are huge to become tobacco&nicotine free for the rest of your life. Here is the best and fastest plan Start today your first step(s) and don’t forget that we are here to back you up and help you whenever needed. Good luck and see you soon free of the t&n addiction!

    • I know two successful quitters who painted their personal quitting motives on the fance around the house. A quitter from New Zeland recorded his personal reasons on tape and listened to them while working; he was a professional driver and he celebrated last September his 1000 day without tobacco and nicotine.

  4. Thanks you, all ’cause you write all theese for us. We’ll think about everything you have put here and about this quitting proposal. Happy NEW WOODEN GOAT CHINESE YEAR !

  5. You – this site and all the people envolved – made the difference for me.
    I stopped smoking on Christmas after preparing well – for about 2 months, Oct-Dec 2014 – all the steps of TOP 10, as you adviced me, without skipping any detail. It was OK, quickly and very easy – almost no cravings – with all steps ready to back me up, just in case. I am tobacco and nicotine free since and I do not even want to think to the blinded years when I was stupidelly feeding my addiction to cigarettes. THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH and GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU !

  6. Wow! At last I got a weblog from where I be able to actually obtain valuable facts concerning my study
    and knowledge.

  7. Excellent page, this and all others here and your posts alike.
    I was reluctant in the beginning but now, when I’m sure that TOP 10 REALLY WORKED not only for me, but also for my cousin, I have to bless the day when I’ve discovered your site and the extraordinary work you do here.
    Now 2 more ex-smokers are very grateful and spread the word about it.
    Thank you, keep up and good luck.
    Thousands of still-smokers need you like air.

  8. I was just looking at your FOR YOU | TOP BEST REASONS TO QUIT SMOKING site and see that your website has the potential to become very popular.

  9. Thank you, TIN SHI ! 10 TIMES MORE FOR YOU !
    FOR VALENTINE, flowers and something to read :

    If I were you, Wo Jese, I would read twice both links above and I’d talk about the readings in a WISE way and ask Val about both.


    FINGERS CROSSED & keep in touch

  10. I have a friend, heavy smoker who had tried to quit tens of times. I’ve sent him a link to your q-plan and he’s ignored that. What could I do to help him ? I’m pretty sure that your site is the right solution for my friend. Your advice would be… ?

  11. Smoker’s desire to quit is not constant. The addiction to nicotine builds a sort of shield around the smoker; this shield prevents quitting, prevents smoker’s common sense, prevents reason to win MOST OF THE TIME. But not all the time. All you can do to help your friend, dear S Chenna is to wait for that moment of weakened nicotine shield.

  12. S Chenna, wait for your friend to speak again about quitting, and offer him quitting help – the link to this site, included – afterwards.

  13. I love your blog…you give 60-90% probability of success to the personalised list; I feel you’re right and this will halp me get rid of smoking tobacco for ever; fingers crossed everyone!

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