TO QUIT tobacco & nicotine FOR EVER

Dear t&n Quitter

Do you think to stop smoking fast and not relapse (anymore)? Here you have a top best quitting plan. Its top 10 best reasons for climbing the top 10 best steps to success will help you quit tobacco and nicotine and never come back to the stinking habit.

 top 10 best reasons for top ten best steps to quit the addiction to tobacco and nicotine for ever

Smoking, using tobacco and nicotine under any form is a very catchy, life long addiction that was encouraged and insistentely adverted all over the world during the XX th century.

That century is already history. Things have changed since, knowledge and information are available and easy to access as it was never dreamt before. It is up to us to use well all the knowledge and info offered including by these top best reasons to quit smoking and by all the pages of this site for a personal and general healthier, better, richer and longer life.

R1 . Nine of 10 smokers who have failed to stop t&n say that it is very easy to start smoking but not at all as easy to quit t&n for good. In order to get a fast and long lasting – to permanent – t&n freedom, the top best quitting plan starts with:

Step 1 : Set target

From the beginning it is crucial to establish honestly what do you want to get. Smoking tobacco is the expression of a very strong drug addiction. When you, as a smoker grab your cigarette, you do it because – among others – your addiction screams for the drug called nicotine. quit tobacco and nicotine addiction as a targetThis drug exists in all tobacco products and also in the electronic cig. Nicotine starts building the addiction with the very first inhalation from the first cigarette and strengthens the drug dependence with every smoke. If you think to get rid of the ironically named “benefits” of this addiction, your target is to quit tobacco & nicotine for ever. And therefore to quit the nicotine addiction.

Bonus target: It is reasonable to aim to a minimum – tending to zero – trouble of the quitting tobacco and nicotine process. Bonus tip: Mind steps 3, 4, 7 and 9 for an easy, smooth quitting.

R2 . The addiction to nicotine puts off any quitting intention. In order to overcome this reality you take:

Step 2 : Quit Now!

When you decide to quit, do not postpone for tomorrow, for next week or for after finishing the current pack. There is no better moment to quit smoking than NOW. ON THE SPOT.

QUIT NOWIf you let the moment pass, you just allow nicotine to become even more powerful than it already is. An average of 7 smokers from 10 all over the world declare that they intend to stop smoking in the future. When asked to be more specific about the time, most of them say that they are waiting for a good moment. What they do not know is that nicotine will always take care to not permit such a good moment.Quitting is not to be left upon the addiction’s good will.

R3 . Because the t&n addiction makes quitters unsure and forgetful about their quitting target, successful quitters make public their decision to give up t&n and take:

Step 3 : Write (about) it.

Take your good and wise decision to stop tobacco and nicotine and write it down…everywhere. You can start writing here, at the end of this page. tell everyone inevery possible way about your decision to quit the t&n addictionThan e-mail or SMS your decision to all the people you know, smokers and never smokers, asking them – for instance – to support your decision as efficiently as they can. Blog it. Write about it on forums. Put it on your computer screen with a selfie, date and hour. Note it on a piece of paper – or on many – placing each in one pocket. Dedicate an article to your great decision to quit, write a poem, maybe a song, paint something, make a video, put it on Yotube. This combination of personal and public approach is meant to strengthen your commitment, to help you be really successful for good and for ever and last but not least, to make the others aware of your decision.

R4 . The t&n addiction tends to perpetuate itself, sugesting smokers that quitting is an unnecessary decision meant to fail. All quitters who stick the top best quitting plan are successful and follow:

Step 4 : Trust yourself but do not be overconfident.

Smoking tobacco and nicotine is an artificial habit, even if many smokers wrongly consider it as their natural right. There are very many ex-smokers who have successfully quitted tobacco & nicotine for ever and so will you. All you need is to really want that, to trust yourself and to take into account certain important details

trust yourself to become that make the difference between failure and success. For instance the first 3 weeks without t&n are crucial. The nicotinic addiction generates cravings that dictate quitters to smoke. Cravings are only few minutes long but they come repeatedly and quitters need to be aware of that and ready to react offering themselves THE BESTS wise alternatives to the drug. (see step 7). After the first 3 weeks free of t&n the quitter is entitled to an ex-smoker position bringing a real, life-long freedom from the nicotinic addiction. Very many people ignore that smoking just a small part of a cigarette – not a complete one – any time during the quitting process or later on, cancells the quitting and pushes the quitter back to his previous smoker status, reactivating his addiction to nicotine and making this dependence stronger than ever before. There are always people willing to help quitters escape their vice and there are also people among all quitters’ relatives, friends, mates, neighbors or acquaintances who love smoking and prefer smokers. That’s the world we live in, where quitting can be a challenge and successful quitting for ever, a very sweet victory.

R5 . The t&n addiction brings many damages to all smokers, making them lose a lot. Building on these losses a solid quitting motivation leads to:

Step 5 : List all your best reasons to quit.

When you make up your mind to quit, you want to do it, no doubt about it. But your mind and your will to change routines and quit an addictive drug and a bad habit are not equal with themselves all the time. Your good hours of the day never resemble the poor ones. There is huge difference between the time when you feel fresh, attentive, full of energy and completely aware and the time when you are tired, bored, weak or a little bit confused. In these latest moments your quitting decision needs urgent reinforcement. personal quitting t&n LIST of personal reasons to get rid of the t&n addictionReminding yourself all your reasons to quit t&n, having your reasons at hand and revising them whenever necessary helps to keep away the drug much more than you can imagine, blocking cravings and weakening the temptation. Take your time and complete your personal LIST of your personal top best reasons to quit t&n. Update this personal LIST of yours, as often as needed, being aware that your will and your mind are still interfered and partly controlled by the very drug you want to quit. Your personal LIST is your faithful ally and a valuable friend you can trust every day and every moment.

R6 . Smoking is noxious not only for smokers, but also for their house & their surroundings, for their car and their wardrobe. As quitting is incompatible with any t&n, besides cleaning all things impregnated with them, you, as a successful quitter need:

Step 6 : Remove the temptation.

This will help you forget cigarettes, ignore smoking and disregard t&n while not thinking so often to something you don’t want anymore in your life.clean off to become clean of the tobacco & nicotine addiction It is also a very useful step till you manage to work your solid and extensive motivation of your quitting decision and have a very good LIST of YOUR personal reasons to stop t&n. Besides getting rid of all those things that remind you about the stinking habit it is wise to remove also your scheduled meetings with smokers until you become able to invite them convincingly to not smoke in your proximity.

R7 . Smoking cuts the options you are entitled to; you can reverse that with:

Step 7 : Offer yourself lots of alternatives, your BESTS

Your nicotine addiction does not give you choices, but you can allow yourself lots of alternatives that do not harm and offer a higher quality of relive, relaxation and satisfaction. Actually for each residual thought about the cigarette you used to smoke before quitting and for each craving moment, you should give yourself at least 4-5 alternatives, combining as many as needed, as often as nicotine sugests/orders you to give up your quitting decision. BESTS is the acronym for the best, fastest and most efficient alternatives instead of smoking– according to quit t&n specialists and also according to many successful quitters:

B from BREATH. 6 -12 deep, long breaths replace successfully a cigarette, clear the mind and calm down anxiety for 9 of 10 ex-smokers.

E from EAT. Almonds, pistachios, nuts, any other dry fruit or seeds – no added salt or sugar, to not create new health troubles – (pieces of) fresh fruit &/or vegetables mixed according to their source or to your talent and inspiration to create the exquisite taste you enjoy.

S from SPORT. Few minutes of physical exercise tailored for each moment of the day, circumstance and place, working from fingers and toes ( 4 min at least) to the whole body with all its muscles and joints – when and where possible – changes the mood and makes you alert.

T from THINK. Think to your personal LIST of your personal top best reasons to quit t&n, have a look at it for refreshing your memories. Then think to the pain and suffering of a heart attack or of a paraplegia that nicotine too often brings to smokers, think to the horrible cancers brought by tobacco and tell yourself – again – about all the advantages of your wise decision to quit t&n.

S from SIPS. It is about sips of water, with or without lemon, honey, etc.(It is notorious – among specialists – that nicotine blocks the thirst reflex and smokers’ intake of healthy liquids hardly overcomes 50% of their needs.) It is also about sips of tea – hot, with or without cream, with ice, according to tastes, weather, latitude. From green tea, cinnamon tea, orange tea, lime tea or aloe vera blossom tea to the most exotic and interesting teas, with the most bitter-intriguing taste you can find. Last but not least it is about sips of freshly squeezed fruit juice, all these meant to hydrate correctly and sufficiently a deprived and intoxicated body.

R8 . Smoking goes hand in hand with scarce knowledge about t&n and also with the nicotine – induced belief that there is no need to know anything about it. Successful quitters – like you – turn things in their favor, taking:

Step 8: Get extensive info

It is wise and useful to search and find out as much as possible about smoking and its huge costs – paid with health troubles, environmental and social negative impact and also paid with money – about tobacco and nicotine, one of the most addictive drugs available legally almost everywhere on our planet and about their incredible history of public, official advocacy in favor of smoking. The info about quitting and returning to normality, about quitters and nonsmokers as motivated communities, about the personal and collective experiences of giving up an unwanted habit increase your chances to be successful from the beginning. Choose credible, well documented sources for your info and keep in mind that there are still mega interests in promoting the use of t&n (together or separately) all over the world, besides the international movement against tobacco and nicotine.

R9 . Smoking affects, besides smokers, all people around them, young and old, related and not realy. Failled quitting (again) is not an option anymore, therefore you have to secure your t&n freedom completing also:

Step 9 : Identify additional help

The additional help is meant to cover all the gaps that might appear and could block your success. Many smokers, especially those who want to prevent from the beginning any failed attempt, chose to be assisted by professionals specialized in helping quitters give up their vice for good. There are very many sources of additional help for all possible needs of the t&n quitters. These sources are not only on the net but also nearby the place where you live. After identifying them it is better to check them ASAP to see precisely how they can help you, what supplementary competences do they have, what program and contact options do they offer. As far as identified, be ready to use the additional help whenever it seems necessary in order to secure your victory. No matter the amount of this extra help used, the success and the freedom from t&n will be totally yours.

R10 . Enough is enough and the drug slavery is not for you. The top best quitting plan comes to conclusions with:

Step 10 : Enjoy your natural freedom breaking the nicotine shield.

These top 10 steps to quit t&n will make you successful as they’ve made others before you. There is no difference if you are a first time quitter or if you have a long history of quitting attempts, if your addiction is 99 points strong and controlls you 99% or your dependence is mild and easier to beat.

You’ve seriously decided to win against your smoking addiction (step 1). You’ve got informed about what successful quitting is about (steps 1, 3, 7, 9) and who is your real enemy ( steps 5 & 8).You’ve been suggested a strategy and many tips to quit fast and easy (steps 2, 4, 6, 7). Step by step you were well prepared with the proper weapons to beat the dependence and you were led to the very core of the nicotine addiction. From that central point the nicotine shield of false superiority, self sufficiency and careless – shield built by the drug around all smokers in order to control them and keep them dependent ( read faithful t&n customers for life ) – can be easily aimed and broken into peaces. All you have to do is to use consistently all your weapons and all quitter’s true friends to let behind a useless and nonsensical past addiction and enjoy your victory and your natural freedom.

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  1. Excellent. Far better and more explicit than the March post. It’s my fav page about giving up tobacco, for the moment. Just keep adding.

  2. You’ve read my mind and set all this precious info in this new page. Congrats ! Every t&n smoker and all quitters need to pay some visits on this site of yours.

  3. Excellent web site, lots of very helpful details. Grapes still sour for me, for the moment. But in the future, who knows?…

  4. YOU MAKE ME JEALOUS 🙂 but I’m pleased you exist for all imbs that make everyone smoke with them. I’ll send you some and maybe – who knows – you’ll switch them from imbs to reasonable folks. 🙂

  5. OK. Stuff here, ok. No matter how many times they try to persuade me and send me to sites like this, I DO NOT INTENT TO QUIT, ANYWAY.

  6. You could certainly see your enthusiasm in the work you write.
    The world hopes for more passionate writers such you who are not afraid to say what they believe.
    Allways follow your heart.

  7. You could make everyone quit for the last time and never restart smoking, you Know ? I’ll test you on my 2 most stuborn friends. Meanwhile, keep on writing great stuff!


  8. I took for good your plan, I made a very generos List of personals to remind me why I must quit, it’s the 10th day without smoking, so it works BUT…This is number 10 of my quitting attempts and… I’m afraid to not fail again (I’ve said it 🙁 ). I had some problems and I felt like smoking much more than before. Your breathing sollution against cravings does not work for me. It gives me a bad caugh. Support needed!

  9. TO Obamba:
    Do not breath so deep and so long to generate caugh. For the moment breath on a more superficial level, but less superficial than your everyday breath. It’s important to not give up to any of the good things you do and continue both with TOP TEN as a whole and especially with the deeper breath against cravings. The later is the shortest, best, cheapest and quickest way to start recuperating the normal function of your respiratory system that is damaged by smoking.

    • Dear dr DAG

      I have the same problem, I try to do as you say but I caugh as soon as I breath stronger than usual. What else could I do ?

  10. Dear Obamba, DO NOT GIVE UP in front of nicotine ! You can win against it – bacause you’ve already won during these days of 2015 – and win for good! Nicotine is not a solution to any problem, but a drug. I mean it’s a big lie and a problem itself. All you need is a good sollution, not a lie. Stick to what you’ve started, stick to the TOP TEN q plan.

  11. 4 OBAMBA :Is it safer to stay controlled by a drug than to control for yourself all cravings ? If I were you I would stick to the decision to escape the addiction and I’d do everything for that.

  12. Dear OBAMBA
    This time you’ll make it!
    It’s a new January and a new year 8 in Numerology – 2015 is a type 8 year; both month and year are perfect for escaping unwanted habits.
    Keep strong and stay close to TOP TEN !

  13. Thanks a lot, Dr Dag, Angela, Timayos and Pillina!
    I’ve got your points. You’ve helped me more that you could think. It’s day 14 without any puff and I’m happy that I’ve written here, even if my intention had been to not ask anyone, anything, any kind of help. I’m more comitted than ever to stay away from nicotine. Thanks again!

  14. Welcome, OBAMBA. It seems that you’ve started to heal. Nicotine does not allow smokers to perceive quitting as a desirable and encouraged (by others, by non smokers, by society) decision.
    By writing here, you’ve overcome that nicotine-related-blindness. Steps back not allowed! Only steps to success permitted ! 🙂

  15. Dear all
    Dear Paolo

    The breathing tip for overcoming cravings plus the progressive increase of the intensity and depth of respiration I was speaking about above, on Jan 10/2015 are tactics to be used by quitters, mainly for those who want to be successful quitters for their whole life (and they have already stopped smoking).

    If the above are used while still puffing – using tobacco and nicotine – they will make smokers cough, usually stronger than before trying the breathing tip; I’ll explain why if sb asks that.

  16. Do you realize that today, APRIL 1 is smokers’ day?
    I wonder how are you, our friend Obamba?
    (He, who’s decided some months ago to not be celebrated today anymore :))

  17. Answer to last year question of John Sunrise

    Dear John
    One of my two friends – who was still smoking last autumn – is now really free of both tobacco&nicotine and does not want to remember anything about his old friendship with cigarettes.
    This TOP 10 quitting plan worked very well and very fast for him. His last puff was on Dec first, when he took step one of the TOP 1O
    The other smoking friend, Trevor went to work abroad, in a smoking environment. All he could do – as a result of my hard work to explain him about the miseries caused by tobacco and to convince him to open the link to TOP 10 [did he open? did he read anything there? Trevor kept avoiding a stright answer]) was to switch to e-cigs.
    And when he comes back, :)I’ll be near by him .

  18. Dear Pillina, dear all

    My new, free of nicotine life has started in the first day of 2015.
    I will celebrate soon a clean-of-addiction Easter, the first in my latest 15 years of strugle to quit.
    Not only that I consider myself a quitting success – and I thank you, all the other supportive friends here and also I thank a lot to this site for my victory against tobacco – but I have started to promote quitting among other smokers. I am sincerely convinced that the world can be cleaner and the Easter more serene with smokers transformed into quitters for ever.
    Thanks again and Happy Easter to you and all who read here.

    Your faithful friend

  19. YES. YES. YES. IT WORKS. SECOND MONTH free of both dirts. Besides that, NO CRAVINGS, NO REGRETS -except the fact of not have tried TOP 10 long before…
    THANK YOU VERY MUCH and keep posting and growing!

  20. Seasons Greetings and many THANKS ! Very useful PLAN & advice! 3 months since free, completely free! Extremely happy & grateful! It worked v well! V fast, too.
    Many, many, many thanks for sharing!

  21. Hey there in 2016! This page could not have been written any better! It helped my sister escape the (smoking) vice and I can’t thank you enough for such a great achievement! Wish you to help even more smokers than last year, be well inspired and add great posts and pages to your wonderful work! Again, thanks and have a great 2016 !

  22. Your site can go viral, it’s so good and efficient ! Thanks a lot. I’m happy that I’ve found you after so many fails, I’m happy that you made me a free of smoking and free of drug dude. Again, thanks a lot !

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