11. The Stained, Unhealthy Colored Fingers of the smoker warn about the toxins suffocating the smoker’s body

The tar existing in cigarette smoke collects on the fingers and fingernails, staining them with a yellowish-brown, unhealthy colour long before blocking the normal blood circulation into them and announcing the gangrene of the fingers.


12. You do not deserve to experience a mutilating Cervical Cancer or a Miscarriage. No one does

Besides increasing the risk of cancer of the uterine cervix, smoking can also lead to fertility problems for women and complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of low weight babies and all sort of future ill health consequences. Miscarriage is 2 to 3 times more common in smokers, as are stillbirths due to fetal oxygen deprivation and placental abnormalities induced by carbon monoxide and nicotine in cigarette smoke. Sudden infant death syndrome is also associated with smoking of the mothers who lose suddenly their babies, as well as with the tobacco smoke in the environment of those very young victims. In addition, smoking can lower estrogen levels causing premature menopause.


  1. Too many smokers simply do not care about health.
    When you talk and explain they do not pay attention, they are not interested. Any remedy ?

    • Even if they seem not interested, the message is recorded somewhere and it will be activated; for us it is crucial to not get discouraged and keep doing well, every day our best, repeating as many times as needed.

  2. Din hjälp av beskriva alla i detta inlägg
    är egentligen bra , all kunna utan svårighet
    förstå det , Tack så mycket .

  3. Absolutely correct. There is no cell of the smoker’s body to not suffer because tobacco, because of nicotine or because of both. 12 points from 12
    for accuracy and easily accessible language.

  4. The more you tell them about the risks of smoking, the more you insist, the more they ignore the warnings and the more they smoke.

  5. Where do u Know from that all smokers can quit for good ? Why don’t you say anything about the tremendous side effects of quitting that can lead also to suicide ?

    • All smokers can quit because smoking is a very unnatural, artificial habit, even if passionate smokers might not agree.
      Successful quitting – the only one we deal with on this site – does not have side effects; it prevents side effects from the beginningas well as any minimal unpleasant reactions.

  6. You are right about everything. There is nothing more important than health and no one more stuborn than a smoker in accepting that and accepting to have the smoke removed from their eyes and their thinking. Unfortunately 🙁

    • First remove :”supose” & “want to” from your first sentence and write again : I QUIT.
      Second follow TOP 10 – the steps mentioned there, read also the page TOP BEST REASONS TO QUIT SMOKING and let everyone know how are you doing your personal list. In case you need, I’m here ! And I am not the only one crossing fingers for your successful quitting for good.

        • My LIST OF QUITTING REASONS starts with: 1) I quit because I want to.
          2) I quit because what I want prevail to what the drug pushes.
          3)I give up to poison myself because I do not need any of the health troubles brought by smoking.

  7. For Memini Max:
    It’s OK if you start with few reasons and add everyday to have 12 good reasons at least. Afterwards you may keep adding and personalizing your reasons every day, every week, every time when you discover something excellent to strenghthen your motivation to never come back to nicotine or to tobacco.

  8. MERRY CHRISTMAS to Ann Victory and all the others here! My LIST has more than 15 reasons – and is growing – now; many are not to be made public, but they’re very strong and motivating. Thanks Ann & folks!

  9. I’m sure none of the illnesses you speak about is going to affect me. I have a special daily routine that keeps’em away, neutralizing my beloved puffs.

  10. Is it anything that can not be counteracted, any illness or any disbalance that can not be denied by any smoker ? I need something for my nephew, to convince him to have a look upon the health troubles caused by tobacco and nicotine. He is a management student and he knows a lot from very many fields.

    • It’s great to know a lot. It’s excellent if you know also what’s useful for your every day life and health and you are aware that your body is not to be intensivelly poisoned on regular basis. If you neglect that, the price can be huge and is always paid by the weakest part of your body.

  11. I’m very healthy and I have no troubles because of my 9-10 cigarettes I smoke every day. But my bro, a 2pks/day smoker died 3 years ago – and his GP said it was because of smoking. (The onco said there were multiple causes of my bro’s cancer and not only one). I think to quit but I have several fears about getting fat, about withdrawal reactions -they say they can be a nuisance- about cravings, about other health problems, about losing some key friends for my job and about many other things. The truth is that in spite of everything, I want to live longer and see my 5y.o. son geting married when his time comes. Pls, say something encouraging!

  12. Dear Tanita
    Very good decision to stop smoking. It’s wise to quit now, when you feel OK. Now you are strong and you can easier and faster compensate and repair the damages made by smoking. Congrats! Read twice these 2 links and ask here if you have any questions.

  13. Tanita, don’t be afraid to lose the key friends from work! As a quitter you do not have to avoid your smoking friends if you don’t want to. These friends will hardly notice your change, if you do not mention it. Nicotine makes them much careless than you could imagine.

  14. Simply wish to say your article is as astounding. The
    clearness to your publish is just cool and that i can think you
    are a professional in this subject. Well together with your
    permission allow me to clutch your RSS feed to stay up to date with forthcoming
    post. Thank you a million and please continue the rewarding work.

  15. I have a cousin who has quitted and relapsed more than 20 times. I can not understand that. His longest period without smoking was 3 months. I think that if I could get why, I’d be able to help him. What do you think ?

  16. Smokers are blind to common sense and to everything questioning their addiction. Like all other drug addicts. Unfortunately…

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