Four good questions for you & your smoking Valentine


Dear Victor

You complain that your Valentine smokes, it is very clear that you dislike her habit and you like even less the smell of burnt tobacco and the cigarette smoke (that’s awfully difficult to remove), it is also clear that you love her and you’d like more ideas about what can be done.

Let’s ask the best questions and let’s discover things about your smoking Valentine, about yourself, about you both and let’s see what can be done.

QUESTION NO 1 : Have you lovingly told your Valentine about that ?LOVE


It can be difficult sometimes to tell a smoker something like that. No matter how well you choose your words and your moment, in the smoker’s brain these might sound like accusations, or even worse, like a breaking up declaration. That’s especially true when the smoker feels guilty about smoking but does not accept anyone to have negative comments about himself.

Even if for many non smokers it is often impossible to understand how come that the one who smokes is not the one and only responsible for the effects of smoking upon the smoker himself and upon the others around, the simple truth is that nicotine creates a shield of careless, indifference and tobacco-lies around the smoker – who usually has not the slightest idea about that shield.

Because of this nicotine shield the smoker is not fully aware about the other’s reactions related to his smoking, he has the tendency to minimize the importance of what others say and do and to reject and consider exaggerations all the complains and all the warnings regarding the negative impact of smoking. < How can be so bad something – the cigarette – that makes me feel so good? > thinks the not informed smoker.

In spite of all the above, the shield of tobacco-lies can be broken.

LOVE breaks shields all the time. Information also breaks shields. Whenever it seems difficult to say, you have the option to write, draw, paint, make a video, send a link.

QUESTION NO 2 : Have you lovingly told her that you LOVE her too much to permit cigarettes to transform your Valentine into stinking ashes ?ASHES VALENTINE

QUESTION NO 3 : Have you lovingly repeated your Valentine as often as necessary to be sure that she has got your point about her smoking?

Specialists assure us that only the insistence can make the difference when it is about smokers who initially do not think to quit and have only superficial, incomplete knowledge about the deep, negative tobacco interference in their personal present and future life.VALENTINE, GIVE UP CIGARETTES !

It is very clear that you love your girlfriend and smoking was not – and still isn’t – a reason to keep you apart from her ( even if smoking generally is a crucial pro or con when starting a relationship ).

Maybe she used to smoke less before, or maybe she has just started this stinking habit. In both circumstances if you ask her and dig a little you’ll discover that she has a (new? old and increased?) stress she is afraid she can not cope with, and she uses destructive cigarettes instead of a constructive, real solution against that stress. 

QUESTION NO 4 : Have you lovingly given your Valentine the complete, long list with your own reasons for her to quit plus the reasons inspired from this site that can apply to her?

LOVE can do miracles, LOVE can help overcome stresses and LOVE can make the smoker quit unwanted habits. If you add to LOVE useful information, the top best reasons to quit smoking and never relapse that can be adapted to the reality of your smoking Valentine, if you do not give up before being successful, it is very sure that you’ll soon have a loving, non smoking Valentine.FREE-OF-TOBACCO VALENTINE


Congratulations !

Yeees ! To be free of smoking for 12 days, from the beginning of this brand new, good and promising year – that’s an excellent reason to celebrate and to be very, very happy.


 Of course you are happy and you have all the right in the world to be. Your quitting happiness is amazingly shared by so many other people, many of them ex-smokers and successful quitters with many days, months, years and decades ( yes, no mistake: tens of years since quitting and never relapsing ). Maybe you do not know all these people but they do know you, they admire you and your wise decision, being extremely happy for you and with you.


 That’s true! The air around you looks clearer and more transparent and the colors you see appear to be brighter and more intense. From the distinctive smell of the brown leather gloves to the surprisingly nice fragrance of the tooth paste, from the more delicious than ever cheeseburger to the fresh and severe smell of winter,



Your quitting year has delved you into a new world. It is easier to breath, to run and to climb in this world. Actually you have for ever lived in it, but before quitting you were perceiving everything through the useless, poisonous tobacco smoke.

The real world, not filtered and not altered by nicotine-lies  is much more interesting and more surprising than the smoked one. This free of smoking world of yours greets and praises you because you have made both of you free of smoking for 12 days and it cheers you for each free-of-smoking-day that has passed and for all the free-of-smoking-days that follow.

Welcome back to your free of smoking world !





Do you want to quit smoking fast and for ever ? Click and read the TOP best reasons to quit smoking and just quit!

Are you not sure if you want to quit ? Read first the above and than ask yourself again.

Do you want to quit some time, in the future? Prepare yourself a better future! The more you know, the better you understand and the better decisions you take. Read also with a click more top best reasons to quit smoking and do not waste time! It’s your own, priceless, irreversible time. Tobacco has never hesitated to steal minutes, hours and years from your valuable life time and transform them into smoke and ashes  …

The day of today, the moment you read and click this lines is an excellent opportunity to quit smoking fast and for ever. Use it. Enjoy the satisfaction of a new beginning with a good choice for yourself, for all the others around and for the natural environment we all live in. 

                       Happy Quitting Fast And For Ever!


21 of December of 2012: THE END OF THE WORLD , THE END OF SMOKING



The celebrity of the 21 of December of 2012 can be easily transferred   to the day of the end of smoking, without even changing the date. 

  Tobacco was known and used by the old, indigenous populations of America,  the Maya population included, long before being spread in the rest of the world.   Tobacco was taken from them, the idea of the end of the world  was also taken from them. If it’s going to be the end of something…visible on this day, well, the 21 of December of 2012  is one of the best – resonating in History – days to end with the use of tobacco, for all those looking for such a memorable day:

   “21of December of 2012 was the day when I quitted for good”.


   Even if the world does not end today (and tobacco either…)

   smoking tobacco can find today in very many cases

                          a very happy END.


In 2 days, on the 21 of December 2012 the World ends, they say…If it does, that’s it. If it doesn’t, the day was made memorable, anyway. Such a celebrity like the day of the end of the world can be given more meaning and more prominence to last longer, even if, in the end it won’t be anything about the end of the world. What if the day of the end of the world were the day of the end of smoking?

What if the 21 of December 2012 were the day of the end of smoking for those who, from time to time add their names and their celebrity to the already famous gesture of victory with a cigarette inside the V letter?      And not only for them.

No matter if you are not the person of the year 2012, according to TIME magazine, I mean the powerful and notorius US president BARAK OBAMA



even if you do not have ADELE‘S voice, talent and fame,


even if you you are not Zayn Malik and you have nothing to do with X Factor or with Pakistan, but you know very well WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL,


even if you do not have RIHANNA’S fans and celebrity,


 you still can use very well the 21 December 2012 as                                       THE DAY OF THE END OF SMOKING.

It seems that all the celebrities above look much better, more sexy and less…outdated without cigarettes and without smoking.

What do you think ?