Every day of May is a perfect day to quit smoking tobacco & nicotine. The last day of May is even more.

On the 31st of May it is celebrated – since 1988 – the WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY: -when never-smokers ask why do so many people still smoke and never get a clarifying, acceptable answer; -when most smokers ask to be left alone and usually they really are; -when ex-smokers transformed into successful quitters feel proud to share their quitting experience and they are inspiring examples of winners in the every day life; -when some well-inspired smokers decide to quit and few put a real end to their tobacco & nicotine addiction. Therefore the whole month of May is excellent for sharing thoughts, ideas, experience about and around quitting tobacco & nicotine. Everyone concerned about this subject is VERY WELCOME to tell, to ask, to answer.

write about quitting the addiction to tobacco & nicotineThis invitation is actually permanent and not limitted to the month of May.  There are many quitters-in-the-making who aim to be successful (this time) and never return to cigarettes. Maybe your words, your ideas – and only yours – can help them find sooner and easier what they are looking for.

Don’t be shy! The reply & comment aria is yours.

MORE TIPS for the TOP TEN STEPS TO FAST QUIT tobacco and nicotine

Tip of the Tips

NEW,2014 Top 10 Steps tp Fast Quit Smoking Tobacco and Nicotine

The purpose of the NEW quitting plan mentioned above is successful, fast quitting. To quit smoking successfully is to stop using any form of tobacco and nicotine while working to give up the strong drug addiction built in time, with every inhalation from the cigarette/cigar/e-cig, with every dose of snuff/snuss, etc. Besides that, success implies that smoking is totally stopped for ever, without regrets, without second thoughts, without any side effect and the quitter does not think & is not even tempted to return to smoking, no matter the circumstances of his future life.  VERY ambitious, isn’t it ? Continue reading