by Dr GeV, international medical doctor and tobacco cessation expert


Step 6 of the TOP 10 FAST QUITTING PLAN – as the whole plan – addresses to the quitter of tobacco & nicotine. The t&n quitter is that wise ex-smoker who has decided to let smoking behind and never, ever use cigarettes of any kind, or any tobacco products because any of these immediately allow nicotine to make him/her act like a puppet.

The new, free of nicotine addiction life of the quitter starts with the first steps of the TOP 10 FAST QUITTING PLAN. STEP ONE: set target; STEP TWO: do it and do it NOW; STEP THREE: make it public. All these three can be easily, 80% completed in one hour, just perfect for a good beginning. One more hour and the next three steps can also be started:

STEP FOUR: Trust the good choice; STEP FIVE: Start listing your best reasons to quit tobacco and nicotine; STEP SIX: General cleaning outside and inside the quitter’s body.

Both general cleanings above mentioned have a material and a non material aspect. The material cleaning, besides (6.1), (6.2) and (6.3), includes three more cleaning chapters: [6.4], [6.5] and [6.6].

[6.4] is about cutting/removing the hair from quitter’s body. [6.5] is completed after the renewal of the skin that covers the external surface of the body and also after the renewal of all epithelial tissues inside all cavities of the body. All covering tissues, inside and outside the body contain at least traces of the toxics that entitle the scientific community to define smoking as an intensive, volunteer intoxication.

[6.6] is about stimulating the elimination of visible and invisible, unnatural deposits of toxic derivatives of tobacco and nicotine from all vessels of the body, from all organs and apparatuses, from all tissues and cells.


The toxic substances – brought inside the body while smoking – follow the air current to the lungs, many of them enter the blood stream, pass also into lymph and can be found almost everywhere, from hairs and nails, body liquids, muscles, sinews, to cornea and brain tissues, in bigger or smaller amounts/deposits. Of course, while smoking, the toxic substances from the smoke have also direct contact with the outside of many parts of the body like face, eyes, ears, hands, head, hair and all other occasionally or permanently uncovered parts. Smokers do not use to swim or bathe after each cigarette, neither they brush their teeth so often, therefore external exposure to the toxic substances from tobacco smoke is as intense and harmful as the internal one. The unnatural, dirty color of gums, teeth, fingers and finger nails of heavy smokers represent only the visible signs of the above and just the tip of the iceberg.

The good news is that the body has multiple mechanisms to neutralize, transform, block and ultimately eliminate most of the toxics circulated and deposited all around, inside and outside it. The even better news for quitters is that they can actively help their bodies eliminate faster and in bigger proportion most of those toxics that prolong and delay all repairing and healing processes.

[6.4] All hairs of the body contain smaller or bigger proves of the smoking history of the quitter.

Removing all the hair that can be easily removed is a quick solution at hand. Cutting hairs – eyebrows, eyelashes included – more often than usual, shortening, shaving partly or totally from the beginning, eliminates fast lots of toxics and stimulates growth in a natural, healthy way.

Water is one of the best friends of the quitter of tobacco and nicotine. Both externally and internally, the increased contact with water makes quitting easier and faster.

In order to intensify and accelerate the blood and lymph flow, compulsory conditions for completing [6.5] and [6.6], quitters have to increase with 50 – 100% their daily intake of water for at least one year from the moment of starting their TOP 10 FAST QUITTING PLAN.


There are several other active measures that quitters have to take in order to be sure of their life lasting successful quitting.

Weekly dry sauna in the first quitting month, continued with dry sauna once a month for the rest of the first year without tobacco and nicotine, plus 10 minutes swimming sessions as often as possible and convenient, represent other 2 important active measures that belong to step 6 of this quitting plan.

The necessary 10 minutes daily shower and 2 minutes daily self-massage have to be complemented with a 20 minutes lavender bath once a week. 250 grams of salt (NaCl) dissolved in 500 ml of warm water have to be put inside the bath tub filled with hot water and than completed with 100 mg of lavender dry flowers .

This weekly bath has to be followed by a 10 minutes self-massage from head to toes. Supplementary massage given by specialists is always welcome to be added to the quitter’s daily and weekly routine.

Last but not least, all quitters who aim a fast and steady success need daily at least 20 minutes of intensive physical effort plus 1 hour of walking in open air.

The non material aspect of the general cleaning includes, among other elements, overcoming the addiction and improving quitter’s image in the eyes of those who disagree smoking. Both results are obtained after stopping to use tobacco and nicotine, stopping to feed the addiction, acknowledging the other people about the transformation and confirming it day after day.

As you could see, step 6 of the TOP 10 FAST QUITTING PLAN consists in easy, doable activities that are normally performed in most living places and around them. In short, some of the very important tips for success of any and of all the 10 steps of the fast quitting plan are consistency and a positive, active attitude aiming to transform the quitter into a balanced never smoker for the rest of his/her life.