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 The new, free of nicotine addiction life of the quitter starts with the first step of the TOP 10 FAST QUITTING PLAN and it has to be directed and strengthened properly, step by step in order to be sure of and enjoy a life lasting success .

Step 6 of TOP 10 FAST QUITTING PLAN is about removing whatever could delay successful tobacco & nicotine cessation . First of all it has to be removed the temptation to smoke that exists around the ex-smoker – the ex-smoker is, of course, that nice and extraordinary person that’s willing and ready to quit tobacco and nicotine for his or her life, for good, thus becoming a real t&n quitter. Who should want to remove that temptation and who should remove it ?

Dear quitter, YOU are the answer to both questions . That’s because YOU want to be tobacco and nicotine addiction free, YOU want to clean that dirt from your life, YOU want to be successful and YOU want it as quickly as possible. Therefore YOU want to escape that temptation and YOU do not want it and do not need it anymore. Besides YOU know better what makes YOU smoke and what should be removed first of all.

As already explained, quitting is more than stopping to smoke.

The 6th step of the TOP 10 FAST QUITTING PLAN includes removing the temptation by (6.1) removing objects like cigarettes, packs of cigs, ashtrays, buts, etc.  from quitter’s sight. Visual contact with cigarettes and smoking related objects is a reminder of the “duty” to smoke. Removing all those objects from quitter’s surroundings makes quitting easier and faster. Obviously, what you do not see, is less present that something you see all the time, everywhere.

Other people smoking and the places where smoking is permitted must be avoided.

That’s not only because they are (6.2) big sources of temptation, but also because they make you smoke indirectly the others’ cigarettes, even if you do not light your own, thus cancelling all your efforts to give up the stinking habit – there is no quitting t&n while smoking – and obliging you to go back to step one. Let’s do not forget that smoking is a social habit that was first seen at other smokers, before being imitated and transformed into personal addiction.

Step 6 is also about (6.3) removing the effects of using tobacco and nicotine from quitters’ environment – removing smells, stains, etc. and doing a complete cleaning up.

clean tobacco


Dear quitter, you start with what’s faster and at hand, scheduling for the next days, weeks etc. whatever needs helpers and more time to be completed. Such general cleaning includes the housethe carthe working place and cannot omit ALL the things you use. The more new things in your new, real quitter life,  things that you did not have/use while still being a smoker, the better. The old smoke of the old cigarettes has penetrated everything – literally EVERYTHING – around the old you – all old gadgets, included – and that smoke can be a trigger for unwanted cravings as well as a temptation reminding the old, stinking habit. 

The smell and the pervasive presence of the old cigarette smoke all around the new quitter is also the sign that quitting at its 6-th step is a process in the making that needs to be attentively and completely worked to life lasting success.                                        to be continued




You, dear ex smoker, want to quit tobacco and nicotine and never come back to any cigarettes. Excellent. Congratulations for intending to transform yourself into a quitter! All you need to quit smoking fast and forever is here, on this site.

Therefore, you – dear quitter – already have the will, your will to quit smoking fast and forever.

Congratulations again, for starting to win against nicotine and allowing your not addicted, wise, good and determined part of yourself to take control of your present and future life.

 Besides your WILL, you also have the occasion, the 1st of the 1st, I mean the best and nearest of all occasions for giving up smoking and getting a life lasting success.

All you still need is a best QUITTING PLAN in a nutshell, detailed and explained to back up your excellent decision to quit tobacco and nicotine forever.


Even if all you need is there, maybe you want some more details about each of the 10 steps of this TOP 10 FAST QUITTING PLAN, or maybe you’d like to have some tips to help you climb even faster the 10 best steps of that plan to your tobacco and nicotine freedom.

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Good luck and see you making your wish come true!